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Apr 15, 2006
Fairport, New York USA
2005 Rocket III & 2015 Rocket III Roadster
After a nice break yesterday attending an ABATE meeting and getting a tour of southern Tuscon Herman came in early on his day off and started cracking the whip (lol)!!!!!!

As an FYI we are chasing 3 major issues:

1. Stator replacement.
2. Wiring woes due to bottoming out in Zion NP.
3. Failing clutch lifter shaft

Herman correctly diagnosed my clutch lifter arm issue (1-O’clock position vs 3) as worn lifter shaft. After disassembling the front cover the shaft is breaking, stem is worn and stem bearing is bad.

Todays festivities:

1. Removed rear shocks
2. Attached hoist chains to shock upper bolt holes
3. Attached hoist straps to front forks
4. Hoisted bike off the ground
5. Removed Rivco swingarm cover
6. Removed rear axle
7. Removed rear brake assy - zip tied to fender (see below, need to disconnect brake cable)
8. Removed rear wheel
9. Removed rear differential (Herman says it is OK - my 3rd one off a wrecked R3)
4 nuts
10. Removed rear break line from caliper and fed under swingarm
11. Moved water reservoir overflow hose in front of swingarm
12. Removed chrome side frame covers 13. Removed swingarm - need Triumph spanner to remove locking nut on right side then remove very large hed ”screws” from each side (mark location, count rotations). Note free play as well before removal
14. Removed front left caliper
15. Removed front wheel
16. Herman inspected the timing chain
17. Removed gas tank (at least need to lift to detach fan cable from harness connector located at the front of the frame
18. Removed radiator - lots of hose clamps and bolts = PITA.
19. To inspect the clutch lifter shaft etc. We need to remove the front cover and a new gasket will be needed! First, remove the Water Pump exit hose.
Note that the chrome elbow has an O-ring and just pulls out of the hole. THAT O-ring CANNOT be reused! Order a new one!
20. Removed engine front cover. Many small bolts...
21. Inspected lifter shaft (worn badly, order new one)
22. Inspected lifter stem (worn, replace)
23. Removed clutch cover. 5 bolts holding springs.
23. Inspected lifter stem bearing assembly (seized and wearing groove into spacer) - replace all three pieces!!!
24. Inspected clutch basket. Looks OK (finally good news).
25. Inspected broken wires under rear fender and discussed repair plan
26. Contacted Kevin Frazer and discussed parts sourcing (he has spares if I can’t locate in-stock supplier in the US with quick delivery).
27. Researched parts and started ordering:

A. Front Engine gasket
B. Clutch lifter shaft
D. Clutch lifter stem & bearing and washer
E. Water pump O-ring
F. Water pump exit hose chrome pipe o-ring

29. Apply salve to the whip marks on my back and dream about my old hot tub that would have heen nice to sit in after a day of hard labor!!!

Also adding to task list:
I. Install new spark plugs
II. Install additional positive and ground battery terminal cables (if I brought them)

Stator = Monday afternoon
Rear Tire = Monday afternoon
Front Tire = on-site
Rear Engine gasket = on-site
6 plugs = on-site
Water additive = buy locally
Oil = order Monday
Oil filter = order Monday
Left Blinker = on-site

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Apr 15, 2006
Fairport, New York USA
2005 Rocket III & 2015 Rocket III Roadster
@tribal , Jim are you updating the clutch while your in there? I mean new style lifter piece and ball roller bearing pressure plate? Or were you able to order the old style stuff?

Hey Scott! Hope you’re healing up!

Yes, my lifter shaft and lifter piece and needle roller bearing and spacer are all shot and need to be replaced.

I had found this parts list in another post but am trying to decide if i need/want to spend the money to go to the newer ball bearing design.

Kevin has a new lifter shaft and the 2nd iteration of the valve but we cant tell if that one can use the needle bearing?

If not i would need the pricey plate.

My goal is to get a few more years out of this motor so if i need to spend $200 more I will but the old style bearing lasted 15 years so I would take some advice here.

Here is the part list to switch to the latest improved clutch control
with ball bearings rather than the current needle bearings.

It is high as a new pressure plate is needed.

So the question is whether to stay with the current type or fully update for $210 more?

Kevin has spares to sell - what were they again and how much?

Lifter Shaft, Clutch Part Number: T1170041 46.75

Plate, Clutch Pressure Part Number: T1170061 196.34

Bearing, Pressure Plate prt Number: T1170067 25.88

Gasket, Clutch Cover art Number: T1260107 10.58

Washer, Wave art Number: T3550380 3.69

O RingPart Number: T3600910 1.14

Lifter Piece, Clutch art Number: T1172023 34.99

W asher, 13 x 18 x 1 rt Number: T3555014 0.84

O Ring, Water Pump Part Number: 3600160-T0301 8.74

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