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Dec 2, 2007
Shreveport, La.
Excluding a custom built exhaust system, what is the best performing exhaust system available for the Rocket 3, eliminating personal preference as far as looks and sound? I was seriously considering the Jardine system from what I have read , but I came across a posting on the RAT site that mentioned they thought they knew someone that had a set of 3 in to 1 Predators on a R3 that out performed the Jardines all the way around; HP , Torque , Looks , & sound. Any accurate information available?:confused:
The Predator sales guy will be along here in a minute....

Whatever you do get a Tuneboy to "unlock" some hp. I hear that the Predators come with a custom tune to load also.
tb , you forgot quality, fitment, materials used, weldment, design, lack of jardine headache resonance, 20 or so pounds lighter, custom tb tune.....etc.
gees where is that sales guy anyway.
Ya But

Ya but if you go to a 3 to 1 you loose the abeyance of the R3. Did we not all buy it for it’s individualism? OK the power too but if you go to a single pipe you will look just like a ****** rocket from behind. And without a tuneboy and a bunch of other up grades you wont even know the difference.
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well now,
i wonder who the fuss is all about? :D


hey brian, you and sam come up with some killer combo's. my compliments to both of ya.:)
hey paul,

sorry i missed you and your fair lady on the stretch. i'll try to do better next year. i kinda got worn out with all the rubber neckin. man ,was that a carnival or what? lots of places to get lost and have fun! gonna have to go again next year. maybe camp out at the state park if it's nice like this time. my other half will have a blast out there in galveston... later.

greg :D
I like my Staintune w/ Cat Bypass setup. No repacks necessary. Good sound w/o being obnoxious. Maintains the look. I love telling some idiot who asks "Is that a 4-cylinder?" "No, count the pipes, dumb a$$."

Staintune web site claims 20+ HP and some level of torque increase without the need of a tune. A tune is available if you want to but they claim it is not necessary.
actually paul without a tb with these pipes or the duals etc. you will probably fry your motor. i let everyone know not to even start the bike with the pipes w/o having done the tb or pc111. other mods you speak of are : if alot more is going out you need more in. ie 3 kn's or underseat kn. if your doing the 3 i recommend pulling the secondary plates. only takes 2 minutes.
:confused:Is it safe to assume that the Jardines, Predators,& Staintune system will perform comparable? Are there any other systems out there that can match the performance of these three?
t... the other systems do not perform like mine. end of story. this isnt idle boasting. i suggest you pm darthtruimph , turbofan (they have jardines) from the .com site and have ridden my bike numerous times. curt_mcginty has the d&d's. same story. goodfellow from this site had i believe the raask or staintune and now has mine. talk to owl, jolly and dragonfly also. they have each a differnt muffler option set up of my pipes.
no i wont give out the design specs, that's some 283 dyno runs of r&d and some 15 different collector designs alone much less tube od's.
suffice to say everything from the redesigned headinserts, to the waterjet cut flanges (jars are cast aluiminum) to the mufflers is 304 stainless steel. i use a true merge collector, jars take 3 tubes (way to short by the way as is raask) and put a tube around it and call it a collector lol. but hey find out for yourself. i threw away 1100 buck on them so join the club.