1. David Ziegler

    Vegas Guy : Ziegler Monster

    Hey! My name is David Ziegler and I live in Las Vegas! I have a 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster with the Red Stripe Stock for the moment.. I had a 2011 but I unfortunately totaled my beautiful baby named “Miss Rocket” breaking my arms in the process .. but I’m alright! I have channel where I post...
  2. Rick Morris

    Las Vegas

    I have not posted for a while, but.... I will be in Vegas February 18-22 for work. Thinking of taking the 23rd off for a ride with a rental from Eagle riders. I did this last year and rented an Indian Chieftain, had a blast. I know one of our friends has converted to an Indian but he is in...
  3. Mojave Rocket

    Greetings from Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!

    Hello all, been lurking here for about 3 months. I found this forum a month before I purchased my 2016 roadster to gather all the information I could about the bike. Appears to be a great group of people here very knowledgeable about the Rocket and I appreciate being able to join! My previous...
  4. teraeric

    rocket across america? in vegas for a couple days then heading back east...

    i figured i'd see if any las vegas captains were wanting to maybe ride today or tomorrow (may 21-22) since i am in town... i actually just trailered the r3r from orlando to vegas, stopping at: rickwood caverns, al; alabaster caverns, ok; golden gate canyon park, co; rifle falls, co; arches, ut...
  5. motolink

    I am in Las Vegas next weekend

    I will be in Las Vegas next week end for my work, is there a good Triumph shop you can recommend to an Aussie.
  6. HowardRoark

    Vegas, Baby!

    Well, I finally did it, got the hell out of New England and moved to Vegas. I can now ride pretty much year round! I was wondering if there are any other R3 lovers out there who are looking for people to ride with. I would love to meet up.
  7. jthree

    Las Vegas day trip

    Looks like I may be renting a bike in Las Vegas in March. Any suggestions for a good, day long, ride? I've done the Hoover dam thing many times so, not that way :-)
  8. Watcher

    Dyno Jet Las Vegas bound

    Ok just got off the phone with Dyno Jet in Vages and they have made me a good deal (I think anyway) they have no maps for a 2013 R3T so they have made me a offer to bring my bike out and GIVE me a pcv and install my K&N's and put on my jardines if I will let them have the bike for a day and a...
  9. JMichael

    New Triumph store in Las Vegas

    Freedom Cycle of Reno is opening a new store in Las Vegas. They have been super good people to buy and deal with for me. I just purchased my third Triumph from them.
  10. Rocketrottie

    Any Rocket Captains living in Vegas???

    Just wondering if anyone here is currently living in Las vegas. Company has offered me a position there. Have been there recently and love the riding out there. It was only 90 degrees at the time. March / April I dont gamble nor do I drink much. But love cruising the bike and the cheap...
  11. MCN

    Video review : Harley Wide Glide v Victory Vegas v Triumph Thunderbird

    With competition getting even stiffer for Harley from the new Victory Vegas 8-Ball and the big bore, 1700cc Triumph Thunderbird, is the classic Harley Dyna Wide Glide cruiser still doing enough? Find a Cruiser for sale To find out we... More...
  12. P

    Any Vegas Area Rocket Owners???

    Please see this thread: http://www.r3owners.net/rocket-performance/5906-new-dynojet-pcv-5-a.html#post58785
  13. Win a Chopper at Treasure Island Las Vegas 2

    Win a Chopper at Treasure Island Las Vegas 2

  14. Win a Chopper at Treasure Island Las Vegas

    Win a Chopper at Treasure Island Las Vegas

  15. PianoMan

    Viva Las Vegas

    FYI...... Any Captains in the Las Vegas area, I'd like to put a face with the name. I'll be at the Sahara Hotel March 1-4 . I'll be checked in under my "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program" name. Dave McCubbin
  16. J

    Gudday ... from Bris Vegas Australia

    Hello all... I've posted before but never really introduced myself. My name is Jeff, just turned 40, work in ICT at a school and am married to the best chick in the world. I have a 2006 Classic with most of the available accessories. I've only ever owned 4 bikes.. an XJ900, an GPZ1100, a...
  17. L

    New Vegas member

    Just wanted to say Hi! Awesome forum and info thanks. Las Vegas, NV 06 Rocket chopped fender Triple K&N's 3-1 SuperTrapp Aint done yet.
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