1. Rocketrottie

    Looking for a great service tech in Las Vegas.

    Anyone have a great place in Las Vegas that can service. My 06 R-3? I'm looking to get my valve clearances checked. Fuel pump and filter replaced. I've done everything else. Euro Cycles are a bunch of patsies and wont service anything over 10 years old. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bob R

    Mecum 2023 Las Vegas

    A highly anticipated event here has been underway a day or so. This year there were two Rocket 3s put up for bid. I am surprised at the prices they pulled in. I guess that is because of the lack of general knowledge of these bikes. Other than that though is is most assuredly a great place to...
  3. Near Las Vegas? Have Rocket, will ride

    Making an untethered loop and will be passing down the strip on Sunday if anyone wants to meet up for coffee or lunch.
  4. David Ziegler

    Vegas Guy : Ziegler Monster

    Hey! My name is David Ziegler and I live in Las Vegas! I have a 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster with the Red Stripe Stock for the moment.. I had a 2011 but I unfortunately totaled my beautiful baby named “Miss Rocket” breaking my arms in the process .. but I’m alright! I have channel where I post...
  5. Rick Morris

    Las Vegas

    I have not posted for a while, but.... I will be in Vegas February 18-22 for work. Thinking of taking the 23rd off for a ride with a rental from Eagle riders. I did this last year and rented an Indian Chieftain, had a blast. I know one of our friends has converted to an Indian but he is in...
  6. Mojave Rocket

    Greetings from Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!

    Hello all, been lurking here for about 3 months. I found this forum a month before I purchased my 2016 roadster to gather all the information I could about the bike. Appears to be a great group of people here very knowledgeable about the Rocket and I appreciate being able to join! My previous...
  7. teraeric

    rocket across america? in vegas for a couple days then heading back east...

    i figured i'd see if any las vegas captains were wanting to maybe ride today or tomorrow (may 21-22) since i am in town... i actually just trailered the r3r from orlando to vegas, stopping at: rickwood caverns, al; alabaster caverns, ok; golden gate canyon park, co; rifle falls, co; arches, ut...
  8. motolink

    I am in Las Vegas next weekend

    I will be in Las Vegas next week end for my work, is there a good Triumph shop you can recommend to an Aussie.
  9. HowardRoark

    Vegas, Baby!

    Well, I finally did it, got the hell out of New England and moved to Vegas. I can now ride pretty much year round! I was wondering if there are any other R3 lovers out there who are looking for people to ride with. I would love to meet up.
  10. jthree

    Las Vegas day trip

    Looks like I may be renting a bike in Las Vegas in March. Any suggestions for a good, day long, ride? I've done the Hoover dam thing many times so, not that way :-)
  11. Watcher

    Dyno Jet Las Vegas bound

    Ok just got off the phone with Dyno Jet in Vages and they have made me a good deal (I think anyway) they have no maps for a 2013 R3T so they have made me a offer to bring my bike out and GIVE me a pcv and install my K&N's and put on my jardines if I will let them have the bike for a day and a...
  12. JMichael

    New Triumph store in Las Vegas

    Freedom Cycle of Reno is opening a new store in Las Vegas. They have been super good people to buy and deal with for me. I just purchased my third Triumph from them.
  13. Rocketrottie

    Any Rocket Captains living in Vegas???

    Just wondering if anyone here is currently living in Las vegas. Company has offered me a position there. Have been there recently and love the riding out there. It was only 90 degrees at the time. March / April I dont gamble nor do I drink much. But love cruising the bike and the cheap...
  14. MCN

    Video review : Harley Wide Glide v Victory Vegas v Triumph Thunderbird

    With competition getting even stiffer for Harley from the new Victory Vegas 8-Ball and the big bore, 1700cc Triumph Thunderbird, is the classic Harley Dyna Wide Glide cruiser still doing enough? Find a Cruiser for sale To find out we... More...
  15. Any Vegas Area Rocket Owners???

    Please see this thread: http://www.r3owners.net/rocket-performance/5906-new-dynojet-pcv-5-a.html#post58785
  16. PianoMan

    Viva Las Vegas

    FYI...... Any Captains in the Las Vegas area, I'd like to put a face with the name. I'll be at the Sahara Hotel March 1-4 . I'll be checked in under my "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program" name. Dave McCubbin
  17. Gudday ... from Bris Vegas Australia

    Hello all... I've posted before but never really introduced myself. My name is Jeff, just turned 40, work in ICT at a school and am married to the best chick in the world. I have a 2006 Classic with most of the available accessories. I've only ever owned 4 bikes.. an XJ900, an GPZ1100, a...
  18. New Vegas member

    Just wanted to say Hi! Awesome forum and info thanks. Las Vegas, NV 06 Rocket chopped fender Triple K&N's 3-1 SuperTrapp Aint done yet.