1. Ishrub

    SOLD R3 header Flange Covers Rivco and/or OEM version A9738115

    Correction both sets have been fitted before. I can see where the nuts were tightened.. Now out of production and stock at RIVCO USA. Triumph ROCKET III – Triumph – Shop by Motorcycle These are similar to the Triumph version OEM Reference # A9738115 (which I also have for sale below) which...
  2. leatal

    Exhaust header flange

    After trying to purchase a small diameter stainless steel header, I am thinking about having one fabricated locally. I need the header flanges to weld the primaries to, but cannot find any. Does anyone know if the header flanges off the Triumph Sprint or the Speed Triple will fit the Rocket...
  3. Rayamx69

    Header flange

    Im looking for a source for a premade flange/s for a custom build. It doesnt matter if all three cylinders are together or individual. Is anyone making these?

    Rivco exhaust flange covers -wanted.

    Just wondering if anyone has a set of chrome Rivco exhaust flange covers they'd like to sell or exchange ? Appears that Rivco no longer make/sell these .. and I need a chrome set . I have a set of ceramic black ones if anyone is interested.Thanks.
  5. Gothlander

    cnc stainless header flange and inserts for sale

    The best available I recon, as used on my Perfect Storms.
  6. RIVCO exhaust flange covers ?

    :confused:Have just received the chrome Exh.flange covers for my new 2011 Roadster. Look good, but before I start, any words of advice on istallation of these, or things to watch out for? I don't want to muck anything up! Should I put on one at a time, or all 3 at once? Any point in using...
  7. Rivco header flange covers (Blems on ebay)

    Rivco header flange covers (Blems on ebay)

    Rivco header flange covers (Blems on ebay) Thanks for the tip Mitchcpc!
  8. Mitchcpc

    Exhaust Flange Covers

    I noticed E-bay often has RIVCO exhaust flange covers that are called"Blemished". I took a chance and ordered a set and they are great, and half the price of regular ones. The "Blemish" is on the inside, and hard to find at that. Put them on this morning and they make a huge difference in...
  9. BanjoBart

    Rivco Exhaust Flange Covers

    I really like them.