Jul 1, 2007
I noticed E-bay often has RIVCO exhaust flange covers that are called"Blemished". I took a chance and ordered a set and they are great, and half the price of regular ones. The "Blemish" is on the inside, and hard to find at that. Put them on this morning and they make a huge difference in appearance. Took before and after shots and will post in my album.

Mitch (Miles of Smiles)
Great buy Mitchcpc! Those flange covers really are worth the $$$$ when you get em in place & step back & take a look. I purchased a blemed "heel/toe" shifter & it does have a noticable scrape on it but by the time I get it on & ride a few times, I'll forget the scratches.

Ride on and ride fast.

See ya.
Those flange covers are a number one add-on. Great find! Many over look'em and hoot for shocks as a first upgrade. I've spent a crap load on add-ons and upgrades, but shocks haven't been amongst them The flange covers really should be factory standard.
Got that right!

You are right there, I can't believe those flange covers are not standard from the factory, when I got mine, I thought something was missing...the flange covers....till I remembered RIVCO made them.
Yes.. they will need to be modified to use with Jardines.. There are a few people with them on Jardines though.. so I know it can be done..
Britman has them on his.. I believe a few others do too.. I have thought about it myself, just never have. I believe some trimming with a dremel tool or similar is required.. but it does look good.. :)

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