What's a good brand of speakers?


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Dec 9, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
Evening all,

I have a 2006 Classic with the clock and hopelessly inaccurate fuel gauge. I am about to purchase the Starcom Advance music/intercom system with the remote volume control and also the speaker switch, which will take up the rest of the room on my handlebars. So the speakers I will buy will probably have to be mounted on the front dresser bars.

My question is, does anyone have speakers mounted on the dresser bars and if they sound good with reasonable bass, what brands are they?

Here in Oz, there is nowhere to go look at or hear them so you have to get them over the net and hope they sound OK. Any advice would be most appreciated.
I have not yet found a set of ear plugs that stay in my ears... I must be wierd. I have to confess though that I am not really into helmet music. On the Wing I used to have I had the option of helmet or speaker music and when using the helmet, I found I became a bit .. detached from the road and the riding so almost always used the speakers.

Not that I want to be one of these 19 year old knobs with a $500 car and a $3,000 sound system busting the windows of every car I go past but I think that if the speakers are on the dresser bars, they need a bit more grunt than speakers that are sitting on the bars or in the fairing.
Down under we have lots more name but that was the cleanest I thought I could put in here though.

But us old timers still need a bit of speaker info... I have been checking out the Rumble Road speakers. Has anyone else had any experience with them?
Good pair of Speakers???

To begin with, the strongest on the right side, in my ardent opinion, would be Ron Paul. I don't know much at all about Duncan Hunter, except he doesn't have others putting words in his mouth, and in that case I'd pair him up with President Paul :bch: They'd be my choice for best speakers.
I've a Scala Rider Teamset. I'm hoping to get a new RAZR with MP3. Because I can link via bluetooth with the cell-phone I'm hoping it's MP3 tunes will play through as well. Although the dual headphone of the Scala aren't the best :(
Good one HeR3tic... But external AUDIO speaker advice is actually what I'm looking for.

I'm debating between going the Autocom or Starcom1 as the main comms unit, leaning towards stacrom because it has the ability to switch over to external speakers plus a remote volume control. I can't find anywhere that says the Autocom will do the same... although no doubt it could be rigged up.

Has anybody had experince with this? I can't believe I am the only one here who will go the external speaker option in addition to helnet comms. Or is it that I'm offending people by the enquiry?