Un Freakin Believable


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Feb 25, 2006
I've been saving up for awhile and I finally had enough to spring for a Corbin Fleetliner Fairing. It showed up today in a very large box and was packed very well. I carefully removed it from the packing and this thing is awesome. It is surprisingly heavy and it is just beautiful. I layed a fender cover out on the hood of my old Buick and picked the fairing up and went to place it there. I took one step and my knee buckled for no reason whatsoever and I went down like a sack of potatoes, and of course the Fleetliner hit the concrete. It now has some really sweet custom marks in the paint.

Sorry to hear about the fairing or knee!. Unfortunetly it would probably cost more to fix the knee than the fairing.

I don't know what to say other than at least you, yourself didn't hit the concrete. Last winter I slipped in the company lot and hit the concrete with the back of my melon. Concrete is hard and it hurts. Your fleetliner can be repaired easily, you can't.

I'm thinking out loud that possibly Corbin, if you explain the circumstances, might be gracious and repair the Fleetliner with a minimal or no charge. You'd have to believe they know it's your forum and kudo's their way go a long way. Never hurts to inquire......
Ha... I wish you would have... Hmmmmm That gives me an idea...

Naw... better not do that.

Anyway, I'll try and touch the fairing up. If I can match the paint it won't be too bad. Black is a very hard color to match, there are an infinite number of shades. I did one spot already and it came out pretty well. I'm sure after a few June bugs hit it going about 100 mph it will have all sorts of marks on it anyway. Plus... if I look on the bright side, its an excuse to get some custom paintwork done.

I will tell you what: if there had been a cat handy when that happened........ :eek:

The knee is another story. It likes to do that about once a month. I'm about ready to cut it off and replace it with a peg leg. One of these days I'll start down a flight of stairs and it will do that and I'll break my neck.

Thanks for the comments, it helps to step away from the disaster and vent a little. Misery loves company.
You know I'm kidding Flip :D, I'm a critter lover. Besides, cats have no bones and they are disappointed if they don't get launched about once a week. I'm surprised there wasn't one around because they usually like to help.
Yeah, I know about the 'help' thing. Like when I'm in the bathroom combing my few hairs and Fred jumps off the top of the linen closet and lands on top of my head, claws out....neat:cool:

And the were are sitting down to dinner and Hissant walks right across my spaghetti and meatballs. How appetizing.:(

Amy always says.....they didn't mean it. BS. Calculating cats.

At least cats can't bite like dogs but that's another story.
By the Way Tomo

How big is that part mountain lion -circus cat-Main Coon Critter you got from the pound a while ago. Is ready to go to Vegas for the Sefried and Roy act yet?