TuneBoy OBD II Plug.

Silver Bullet

Sep 11, 2007
Fellow Tuners:

I have been unsuccessful in getting the Tuneboy diagnostics to work on my bike and have in fact been in communication with Wayne about this issue for quite some time without resolution.:(

Today I discovered that the OBD II female plug on my bike has three pins in use. Pins 4, 7, and 16. Pin 15 is blank.

The OBD II male end on the Tuneboy cable has 4 pins. Pins 4, 7, 15, and 16. Does anyone know if all the Tuneboy cables have 4 pins and are they all "live"?

According to the information I have on the OBD II pins and their purpose,
pin 4 is a chassis ground,
pin 7 is a K-line of ISO 9141 and ISO 14320 applications,
pin 15 is a L-line of ISO 9141 and ISO 14230 applications,
pin 16 B+ (unswitched) 4 amps max. for scan tool power.

Any thoughts on this one?
Thanks SB..
Did ya git it figured out yet? What does Wayne say? I don't have a TuneBoy yet, but planning on one when I get the money.
Stumped the Captains on this one...

Yes I did get it figured out and thank you for asking. It took a while and with help from Wayne the TuneBoy is alive and well in my PC. I have used it twice since getting it up and running without event.

When multiple problems are encountered like I had...some were computer communication...and some were bike communication...it may require a lot of time and patients to work through them. Wayne is not always real fast in getting back to you but be assured he is working on the issue.

The answer as to the functions of the 4 pins on the OBDII connector that are "live" on the communications cord as supplied by TuneBoy is that three are "live" for the Triumph R3 and one is "dead" and meant for another bike application (pin 15). Pretty simple eh?

If you enjoy doing your own work and using different tuneups...then I would highly recommend spending the money. A real side benefit is you can fix things like the speedo being off, secondary throttle positioning, and of course diagnostic work through the ECU.

Good Luck and have fun with it....I do...:D...SB.