tune boy vs power commander best??????


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May 6, 2006
:Di just bought a power commander but havent hooked it up as the bike is in shop with trans trouble.i just found this site and have never heard of tune boy.i have a pc in mt v rod and it pumps out 120 rwhp on the dyno.is the tune boy really that mush better:eek:
With Tuneboy you can have total control over the ECU and you don't have to mount or hardwire anything to the bike. You do need to be able to have your bike within about 6 feet of a computer. The PCIII works good for the Rocket and there are some good PCIII tunes out there. You have to mount a PCIII box on the bike and hardwire it to the bike. However since they cost about the same, I would maybe wait and see what kind of tunes become available for the Tuneboy. I think over time Tuneboy will come out on top.

Judge for yourself...
thanks,its all still kinda new so cool stuff will take a while to come out to the market .i also have a harly v rod mini bike,my wife drives it i play with it.it took a while for stuff to come out for it also.