Triumph web site shows a drop in $$

Curious. I wonder if Triumph is trying to get a little more hold on the overpopulated cruiser market. The Classic model stayed the same though.

This picture is one of the best of an R3 I have seen...
Also noticed no more red and white for classic, red and black, brighter red and black and blue and white. Accessory catalog also has a clear sport screen.
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It's red and cream not white, but that's okay as white like red comes in an infinite number of shades. No more red & cream......Wonder if the red & cream R3's will become collectors items like the '68 metallic red T120's. The red & cream color is actually sealed the deal on my R3. I've been pineing for 3 years but when I saw the Classic R&C, I bought one.....even though my B-I-L Bart (posting here now) says it's a "gay" color.

I hope that Triumph changes manufacturers for their screens. National Cycle makes their screens as of date and they are buggers to deal with if you have a problem. It would be nice of National Cycle had the professionalism of Clearview. Needless to say, Clearview will get all my business from now on.
I think that the 4.9% finance offer cost Triumph $1,000 per bike. They had to subsidize the low rate, GE Money Bank would not lend money for half the market rate otherwise. I would guess that the finance deal will not be renewed for 2007 Rocket III's. So the price goes down a grand instead.
Now Sidecar, if you are going to split hairs it's actually New England White, no cream in the name.:D The Classic model is also what put me over the edge too. After a test ride last summer I started devising a plan to explain the purchase of a new bike to my wife after just buying a Speed Triple. Thanks to Ebay all went well.
The reason I come up with for dropping price is to sell more product quicker and hopefully gain a loyal customer base.
Personally I wonder what they are waiting for with respect to an all out advertising blitz. All too many people I run into don't know Triumph makes bikes.

Cream goes in your coffee Sidecar, you should know that!:D

You ar right (as usual) New England White. I like having a discontinued model/color, just like my Sapphire Blue and White T100. I called it cream because white to me is blue toned white or bright white. It's the shade of heavy whipping cream with a little cinnamon added. You have a T'Bird too.....I love the orange and black T'Bird. If I could find one, I'd buy it. There is always motorcycle money.....
Hondax,I have to wonder the same thing about an advertising blitz.I too run into people all the time saying I didn't know they were still making bikes.Then I see the sales figures of nothing but respectable increases that tranlsate to a controled growth.Maybe they think keeping a handle on sales ensures keeping the quality up.It's not main stream advertising but select exposure.I think the price drop reflects recoupment on product development.