trans trouble


.020 Over
May 6, 2006
trans started makin squeeling noise after shifting into 2 nd gear at about 2000 rpm.only does it after shift up.any ideas?
triumph performance exaust only mod so far.17 k mi.:mad:
Hi Grumpy!!

Wecome BTW... Glad to see you here.

Can you tell if this noise is coming front of the engine, as in the clutch area? This is kind of a specific noise you have, I'm not sure I've heard any issues like this before. Also.. will the noise stop if you pull in the clutch?

Do you have problems shifting? It appears a small amount of people have had output shaft bearing failures. Something else to check would be to make sure your clutch cable is properly adjusted.
I had a similiar problem. Twice when I was simultaneously downshifting and braking I heard a god awful noise and felt a sickening vibration. It only happened twice, at about 300 miles and when I took it into the dealer they didn't know what was up but felt like it was a shaft drive engagement issue. It hasn't happened again, (1300 miles now on the bike) but it was quite unsettling. -Scott
it only makes the screech or squeel or what ever the racket is after i shift into 2nd gear and give it the gas with the clutch out.if i slo down and speed up it wont do it.the bike is in the shop goin to myrtle beach and dont need no problems.
i dont do burnouts or beat it but i do like to give it to her now and guess is shifter fork alignment. thanks
Keep us posted Grumpy, tranny work doesn't appear to be an easy chore on the Rocket, as the service manual states the first step is to remove the engine from the frame.:eek:
1200 mi to myrtle beach skweel squalk now in all gears might be rubbin on cases.not good had to send it home with some buddys who hauled there harlys on a trailer.ill never live this one down.:confused: :confused: :confused: