Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
The acronym stands for "Real Power Motorcycling", a new British montlhy (if it survives issue # 3) mag founded by Colin Schiller, the former editor of " Fast Bikes". I like the spirit of it, i.e. very opinionated, somewhat sarcastic, occasionally witty and... very British (but clearly at odds with Tony Blair, mostly due to his thinning hair:) , as far as I could understand), at times in an undisguised, xenophobic sort of way.

Misc. quotes?

About a failed attempt to run a comparo in Switzerland: "So, rather than capitulate to the cowards of canton, we reversed back into France and unloaded the R6 and the 675 in full view of the frontier facists". About the Daytona 675 itself: " The 675 felt almost impossibly perfectly balanced given that we had no inclination to start fiddling with settings (...)". In reply to a readers letter: (You are) " an excruciatingly clever man, but (you) don't have a clue what (you are) talking about"

It's on newstand display in the UK, of course, but copies have found their way to Canada, Switzerland and, maybe, the US of A. You may want to flip through it. Jamie:cool:


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Sounds Interesting

Thanks for the "heads up" Jamie. There's always room for one more good and creative jounalism effort. Do you happen to have an address of the publisher. Maybe a few letters showing interest would spark the thought of a US edition.

If not, how would you like to volunteer to be the official magazine forwarding agent (with proper reimbersment ........ of course)?