Rocket TFC back at factory!

Bob Long

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Oct 14, 2018
Thornton Lancashire FY55HH UK
rocket TFC
Is anyone having problems with their new Rocket regarding key warnings and tyre pressure warnings? I am now on my 3rd loan bike, two provided by my dealer, and one this week provided by Triumph Hinkley, all because they can't fix my bike. I have just short of 5000miles on my Rocket TFC and during the last 14months, I have been plagued with key fob alarms. Doesn't seem much of a problem until it goes of and resets itself Avery few minutes, usually about an hour into the ride but sometimes straight away, although mostly after a few miles when everything has warmed up and settled down. When the warning is active you cannot read the dashboard without accepting the alarm. I find myself persistently re-setting all through my ride, just to able to use the dashboard features. Whilst the alarm is active or "un-accepted" you cannot complete many functions and quite frankly after £28k plus investment after extras, I'm quite disappointed that during a call last week with the factory, they told me they don't know how to fix it yet and they are sending me a replacement R3R oj Tuesday this week in exchange for the GT model I currently have on loan.
I am resisting demanding a refund as I wouldn't know what to buy in the same league but it may come to that although I'm hoping not. I have also had problems with the tyre pressure sensors, These decide to alarm and report low pressure at any time, usually when flying down the motorway in heavy traffic..........just what you want!
Please share if there are similar issues out there. I think it's the same electrics basically across all models of the new rocket and no major differences with the TFC.


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Jun 27, 2016
North Wales UK
2020 Rocket3 GT
Hi Bob - I had problems with the key fob - but only when in trouser pocket. When riding - my jacket was covering upper leg and after 10 mins or so - the warning light would illuminate. Now shifted to textile jacket pocket and so far (500 miles) no problem.
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