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  • Just received note from Triumph regarding official call back of Rocket 2.5's for rear brake attention.
    How's everyone coping with entertaining themselves?
    To relieve the boredom, I starting to build a trike with a small block Chevy engine and E-Type LSD diff and rear suspension.
    Will post picks as progress is made and I manage not being able to ride.
    Just completed 2200 miles now and no back brake. Dealership sorted it but said they got a special grade brake fluid from Triumph, changed the fluid and bled system. So far ok. ?
    Anyone else had trouble with brakes?
    Still here in lock-down. It's another sunny day tomorrow and no riding. I only had time to put 970 miles on the new bike before lock-down so not even run in yet. Wishing all members continuing good health!
    This lock-down is mental cruelty when the sun is out and the roads are empty! I'm going to need counselling soon. lol
    Rocket X for sale with lots of extras including CES exhaust system and Power commander.
    Rocket TFC not arriving till end of month here in UK. I see Australia has the TFC already!
    Dealers says final price will be about £25k so it’s going to be an expensive Christmas’s this year! Lol
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