rocket problems/take two


Apr 25, 2006
my keyswitch looks like it is going to fall out, it is loose and off to one side. also my clutch cable is getting tore up from the contact that it makes with the windshield crossbar. watch for this as you turn handlebars from side to side the cable gets caught on the horizontal bracket.
Maybe it'a a habit from my Meriden days but everytime something seems loose, I remove it and apply a little 242 or 272 Threadlocker and tighten the fastener up again. Don't use the 272 on anything you want to remove later. The 272 is high strength and requires heat or serious torque to loosen.
Others have had this problem, it is becoming somewhat common. I would almost think there would be a safety recall on this, if the ignition switch came completely loose there is the potential it could jam the steering, or possibly short out the wires causing the bike to die in traffic.

This should become part of our daily pre flight checks. Possibly an upgrade in fastener selection would be appropriate here...
I'd snap you a pic but I have the Fleetloaner on there and you can't get there from here.

If you go to page 18.13 in the service manual in the upper left corner there is a pic of the chrome cover that goes over the ignition switch. Remove that cover and the screw is under that.

You can check this by simply putting your key in the ignition and wiggling it. If the whole switch is loose and moves, don't ride
Number 2 is obviously the switch and it looks like there are maybe two bolts that install from the top, and those would be under that chrome cover.

I've never had mine out... possibly someone who has installed the re locate kit can help us out here :D
Motorcycle manufacturers make everything complicated. Big trucks have a starter button, the key only activates the auxillary electrical circuits and fire appratus, under Federal Law have no key switch whatsoever. If you ever want to joy ride a fire truck, get in and push the button to fire it up.

Can you imagine, the fire gong goes off, fireman come sliding down the pole, all jump in the truck and the question comes from the driver....who has the keys??:D