Rocket III Chrome Center Stand


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May 6, 2007


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We had a discussion about that as to whether people had enough rear end to or scrotal sack capacity to utilize it since there is no real hand hold to grab and yank the beast up but it is a nice addition:confused:.
And for dismount, you typically (at least I do now) straddle the bike, rear back and thrust forward somewhat to get back on the road. I wonder if the weight of the Rocket would allow for that approach or if the centerstand (Rivco) would require much the same effort to dismount and need you to be standing beside the bike. If so, watch out! That's exactly how I first realized that straddling the bike is the best way for centerstand dismount. OOPS :eek: . If you "grunt" to get a bike off the centerstand while standing beside it, and loose your balance to the "unfavorable side" of the bike, you'll find yourself walking around to the other side to pick her up.

Just another thing to consider. Would be great for the folks at Rivco to put out a demo video so everyone could see exactly what the design intent usage is.

See ya.
Rusty:That's me in a nutshell. I too would either like to see one installed with a demo, on and off the centerstand or a video on Rivco's website about how exactly it works. The old Triumph Bonneville 'push-off' could be a bust if you lost your footing and I don't want to drop that sucker. It could get expensive, real quick.
I see the grab handle (in the left side view) it is bolted to the top corner of the engine just to the right side end of the oil tank. I believe this would work very easily, you step down on the center stand foot lever while pulling up on the strap with your right hand and guiding the handle bars with your left hand. Pulling up and slightly rolling the bike up onto the stand. To get the bike down, you would hold the left side handlebar with your left hand and pull the strap upward and forward to roll the bike forward and down off of the stand.
My first bike was a yamaha venture royale, it came with a stock center stand, once you try it, it is really very easy to use.
Hey RADEMIS, my '78 Yamaha XS1100 also came with stock centerstand. Once shown how to use it (take advantage of opposing forces), getting the bike "on" the centerstand is a breeze just as you state due to the "grab handle" being positioned in line (above) the foot peg on the centerstand. It was very well thought out. But getting it off the stand is done best while in the saddle (safest).

You use the term "strap". Please elaborate on this. I also am not seeing what you are describing as a grab handle in a photo either. I will add this, as Flip also commented on, if you bring a bike off centerstand while standing beside it, you darn well be ready to steady the bike so as to not loose it to the opposite side you are standing. That is the real challenge to taking a bike off centerstand and not being astraddle of it.
my mistake

I must be seeing things, I thought I was seeing a strap attached to the main engine/to/frame bolt just above where the drive shaft comes out of the tranny.
I found out from rivco that the strap mounts under the seat and hides between the seat and sidecover when not in use.
Let me relate this story to you all...

I had a center stand on my Bonneville before I put the sidecar on (don't need one now, it's always standing up.....:D ). Anyway, the Bonnie has a grab rail on the back and I was hoisting it up on the center stand, my foot slipped off the lever attached to the center stand and the bike fell away from me standing on the left side, in other words, it fell to the right. The Bonnie weighs hundreds less than the R3 and I tried to stop it and wound up on top of the bike or should I say sprawled across the left side which was facing up. I broke the headlight, the turn signal, the brake lever and cracked the windscreen as well as got a Herbie on my face (who cares anyway) from the bar that stabbed me in the puss on the way down. It was over really quick and it was expensive. This was on a level concrete floor in the garage. The crash bars saved the tank and the brake lever. You don't want to know what a tank costs, believe me.

I'm anal about dropping the R3 not just because of the potential damage a fall will inflict, but picking it back up. I have to see this stand in action, the method of rolling it on to and off from the stand and the actual position you are in during the operation. After experiencing loosing the Bonnie off the center stand, I'm very apprehensive about the R3 center stand though it is a nice addition and a needed addition, the actual procedure if like the Bonnie, leaves something to be desired from the 'oops standpoint.