Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
Well if it doesnt snow or ??? tomorrow I am going to go down and ride the new 2007 Tiger. Its no Rocket but it is a Little Brother to one...

I like the new Tiger. But the last time I test rode a bike it ended in Rocket ownership. I don't think my marriage can afford any more test rides.
Looks good. Superb fit 'n finish. Engine feels like a slightly declawed Speed Triple. Which it is. "Perceived " torque way UP. Both commanding and surprisingly relaxing riding position but, like all such bikes, the seat height is excessive (my personal view aka short legs;) ) . Brakes a bit spongy, too. Seems that ALL 2006-7 Triumph's, except the Rocket and the Daytona 675, suffer the same drawback. Soft pads, on account --the dealer explains-- of Triumph's worries about new bikers being a bit unprepared for/too enthusiastic about the bike's inherent braking power.

But IMO a great tourer (with the optional bags) for one whose daily commuting does not cross Baja:cool:
Yes I just got a Rocket but we teach Motorcycle Safety Classes at the Local Triumph, Ducati, KTM dealer so I like to have first hand experience on the bikes I we ride them when they come in, I know it is a terrible job but someone has to do it. :roll:

Hey PF, I signed up for the advanced coarse next month.The last time I took the MSF I dumped the R3 on a practice run.Better put the Leatherlykes on again.:rolleyes: