Pipe Installation Question


Dec 5, 2006
Durham, NC
Sorry for the FNG question, but...:eek:

When installing aftermarket pipes, I believe that I need to get three new "exhaust pipe sealing rings", but do I need to "seal" the rings with header gasket sealer?:confused:

I also seem to recall a post awhile back that suggest adding a washer underneath the dome nuts because the jardine flange was thinner than the stock version. Am I remembering correctly or am I having a grey moment?:confused:

I'd appreciate any feedback
pipe gaskets

I don't have the jardines you speak of. The washer under the dome nut certainly may be the case.

As for gasket sealer along with the "rope" seals :eek: DON"T! There should be no need.

Take your time getting the originals out. Hopefully they've not melded into the pipe walls. Try a bit of break-free lube or other similar solvent. Work a narrow and thin flat steel, such as a finger nail file, between the pipe and the gasket; and a pair of duck bill or needle nose pliers. You can be successful in removing the originals. If you do use the solvent approach in the removal process do flush the solvent out of the gaskets or be prepared for lots of smoke when the pipes heat up and burns off the flamable solvent.
Hey Ratboy, when I put the cat bypass on, I had to remove the original seal from the front of the stock bypass (the larger of the 4 seals). I took a propane torch, heated the area around the seal (on the outside), which softens the solder used to put the woven steel together, and took a hook-end prybar and "hooked" the seal out of the flange (no prying needed, just something to get to the back side edge & pull it out with). Worked pretty well.
Thanks for the guidance fellas that's the reason that I asked.

The only experience that I've had was changing headers on an old Plymouth Duster years ago.
Am I confused or are we talking about two different things here?

I think RatBoy is talking about installing new Jardine's and wants to know about the gaskets between the headers and the head? Yes.. get new gaskets, no, don't put sealer on them.

The rope gaskets are for the Triumph exhaust system at the connections where the mufflers, cat box (or Bypass) and header pipe all connect. I don't have Jardine's but that exhaust system is different from the stocker system and probably doesn't use Triumph "rope" seals. (But if it does... somebody correct me).

I have read about issues with the Jardine's not fitting up to the head correctly causing exhaust leaks at the header flange. That is where the large washers may help. Do not over torque the domed nuts in an attempt to draw the Jardine's into place, you may pull the stud out of the aluminum head. If your Jardine flanges won't fit up snugly I would take it to a machine shop or exhaust shop and have them true up the surfaces of the flanges.

Its a shame Jardine doesn't have a little better quality control, but even in the car world... headers are a pain in the arse and often need to be tweaked.

Has anyone taken out one of the studs from the head for the exhaust? And if so was Triumph smart enough to put heicoils in or did they leave the threads alumminum for us poor souls to pull the threads out.:confused:
You are exactly right. I'm talking about the "connection" between the header flange and the head on the engine.

Thanks, I'll order a new set of seals.
I'm going to start installing my new pipes this weekend so I was reading through the service manual...

One of the step for installing the header pipe is to add 'CopperSlip' to the gasket before installing the header pipe.

What is 'CopperSlip'?

Is it a brand name of anti-seize or something?

Should I use anti-seize on the header pipe and thread lock on the crown nuts?

I'd appreciate some guidance from the gear heads out there...

3tic, you're included in that last statement....:roll:
"I know nothing, NOTHING!" (Sergent Shultz) This is a "red faced" comment. I wasn't even close to the subject on my last comment in this post so I'll butt out, at least this time.