Piggers back end


Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Yo Pigger, I have just heard that you havent changed your rear end yet..Dont you realize how dirty and black that thing can get..Its the easiest maint.item on the bike..What Is your excuse,that the book says It dont need It till 20000 miles..B.S.And when you do change It flush It out with some cheap motor oil and let It drain over nite..Then stick a magnet in the old oil and look at it..Its the most crap you will get out of any orfis on the bike..Yea u know Iam just messin with u..NOT. GET WITH IT U DIRTY BOY>> Crazy Jack
Boy a guy can't post anything anywhere without catching crap for it can he? Plus Jack I always ride real nice an easy. The rear wheel never turns any faster than the road underneath it.;)

I've only got 7000 miles on it. I planned on doing it a 10K. I guess I should of have done it a 5K? I'll do it this weekend just to make you happy.

That's what concerns me about the final drive. Fluid wise it holds but a dribble. Maybe the leaking seal was a good thing. With the driveshaft tube filled and the final drive, you'd have quite a bit more fluid capacity. Lots of power and torque transmitted there and very little gear oil to dissipate heat and lubricate.