Engine end driveshaft lube?


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Jun 5, 2023
Alberta Canada
'08 Rocket 3
I'm a newby to the rocket 3 & to Triumph in general, have been riding Harleys for near half a century. I recently purchased an '08 Classic that had no history from the seller. I did know enough to ask the seller when he had a new tire installed on the rear if the driveshaft splines were lubed.....he had no knowledge.
So the other day after a short ride I decided to change the oil in the bevel box. The drain & the filler plug were both very tight. I left it drain overnight as it was pretty dirty. The next day when I put in the drain plug I thought that I stripped the threads but actually broke the plug which led me to search with google & connected me to an online manual.While searching this manual it states that the motor end of the driveshaft doesn't need servicing. Not how can that be when I've gained enough info to know that at every rear tire change, the bevel box end of the driveshaft needs to be cleaned & lubed? To lube the engine end requires considerable work, which I will probably do this winter as I'm from Canada and we do have a bit of winter.😆
What is everyones opinion on that?
Thank you
Just did my bevel box end on 2013 Roadster with 22000 miles on it. Splines were very dry and red, probably never lubed by previous owner. Didn't have time to remove the swingarm this time. Also worried for the gearbox end of the driveshaft. Did you happen to make any photos of that 50K old never serviced splines sir?
It may be the original factory grease. I believe that was red colored. A lot of these driveshafts when pulled apart for the first time show a red looking compound. It may not be rust.
I have re greased mine with Moly grease.
FYI: The first time you change your rear tire the final drive needs to be pulled off and the drive shaft splines lubed with a high molly grease/paste. Actually every tire change it should be lubed this way. Unfortunately this procedure is not in the service book. At least it is not in mine which I purchased in 2007.

Anyway, when you pull it off for the first time it will be very dry, dusty and red. That is the factory molly installed when new. Don't freak out that it looks ignored and rusty.