Driveshaft Lube . . near miss....


Jun 12, 2017
Spanish Fork, UT
2010 Rocket III Touring
G'day all, so glad i read a bunch of threads this week, and made myself good and paranoid.

I changed the final drive oil and it was quite dark, and VERY smelly, so it started me thinking about what other maintenance items might have been missed (Not the engine - the servicing seems to be immaculate there!)

So today, I ripped off the final drive to check the splines and . . . .


No real wear on the splines on the shaft either, but. ......
A good clean, degrease and then liberal application of fresh Moly grease should keep it alive for a while to come yet, but ****, that one was nasty looking!

Thanks all!
By the way, see that clip ring back in there? Might be a good idea to get a new one AND the seal that it holds in there, I assume that there is one there like my Suzuki that looked just like this. Too bad the owners service manuals don't show this!
Then again, you may have already done all that.


.020 Over
Jun 5, 2023
Alberta Canada
'08 Rocket 3
I have a friend that has a restored 1978 Honda GoldWing 1000. It is a beautiful bike, while looking it over I noticed that it has a grease nipple right in the area of where that coupler is on the R3. That sparked the light bulb to go off in my head to pursue info, from forums, on how well that lubed things. When I find out I will share that info, or if anyone else delves into this please post what you found also.
I have an older neighbor that I bumped into yesterday while going out for a ride. He is an English gentleman & retired from a lifetime of being a mill wright. His view on the grease nipple was “just do it…..grease will eventually get into that coupler!” 👍