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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Need a little help from my friends here : I'd like to get hold of photocopies (b&w is fine) of 1 or more issue (s) of American teen mags, vintage 54-58. I'd like complete, cover-to-cover issue (s).

I have searched Internet, perused E-Bay offers, contacted a few foundations and public libraries. etc. But I am definitely NOT looking for original, increasingly collectible publications (nor could I afford them:(). I am not interested in any specific topic (generally long-forgotten singers or bands) or mag titles either.

Just ANY vintage teen (not just girlie nor comics) monthly mag photocopies would do. Likewise, photocopies don't need to be of top-notch quality, just readable.

I'll of course pay for errand, copy and mailing costs.

Thanks. Jamie:cool:
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Oh great, now the Feds will be watching everything we say, they just hit on Teens and photos and Sheep...... and pay...

oh wait they were probably watching some of you wackos as it was!!!!

um, could you explain your request? I have a friend thats retired that lives for auctions and goes to like 3-4 a week.... he might run accross somethign like that...
could you explain your request? ...

Am doing some on- and- off research on a quasi anonymous British rock singer (1939-1991) who spent the first 15 or 17 years of his life in the USA. His --Swiss-- widow has all sorts of documents, pics, official papers, records, etc. but NOTHING in terms of teen mags of which, apparently, he was an avid reader. Jamie
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