Guess It Was My Turn - went off today (crashed)!

I find that the default mindset when something like that happens is along the lines of what you just said (i.e. 'hard to accept').
I'm pretty sure I would feel the same. Thoughts like that can eat into you, so not good.
What am I try to get at here?......well I think i'm trying to say that you're not alone.
It's maddening to hit the deck and spoil the pride and joy.....Can be maddening, for sure.
But the main thing is you're here to tell the tale, which we are all very pleased to know.

In fact your post could well have even saved someone's life already.....making us all think a bit more about 'things'.

By the way, I had my radiator cowl panted in gloss black last spring, as part of my 'winter project' tweaks. At first I thought I had been a bit hasty with this particular tweak as I wasn't intending to change the bike too much...... however, as the year went on, the more I got used to the look and now I have to say that i'm really pleased with how the bike looks. For my eyes, it really improves the look of the bike.
Worth considering.

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I really like the red and black. My favorite colors on a bike. The only thing you need now are some bright Red tire stem caps. I have them and and it really does show on the black rims. And it's cheap.:thumbsup:
@Kevin frazier - I'm putting that video you sent me here. I think it would also be of interest to others. Thanks for that....

I continue to review my crash in my head. Every dark spot in the road is now suspect and they are everywhere!

My video, even moving frame by frame, doesn't reveal much.

I've since gone to full leathers. I have a summer (perforated) and winter set. There are great deals on eBay, etc. if you're patient.

Temps were in the low to mid 40s F and there was dew on the ground. The curve was in a shady north facing section. Lots of trucks take this route. dripping oil. After the crash I slid my foot across the pavement and it was slick. A couple of hours later when I returned to get the bike it was not. So, a bad combination of low temp, moisture and oil.

I can't be certain, but I think the front tire washed out before the rear. There was no split second indication I was starting to slide- I was just down.

In the video I lost "molecular adhesion." I like that term :)

Oh, wrong video .... but you should probably watch that one too :whitstling: