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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Ever since I joined Rocket III Forums, Oct. or Nov,. '04, I have issued occasional reminders of the need for owners to go over the hardware on their mounts, all of it, and to re-tighten it at least once a month, haven't I?

(yes you have, Jamie, how repetitive, how boring...)

Well, last month, I skipped the tedious routine. Spring was just 'round the corner and my eargerness to GO riding prevailed upon such tedious maintenance chores.

And, lo and behold, I have just lost one bolt from the triangular chrome cover over the upper r/h muffler and most of the rear r/h turn signal assembly :D
Sorry Jamie, but at least you are riding it hard enough to shake things loose. Going to snow here tonight in April of all times, so maybe this weekend I will heed your advice and get out the metric wrenchs.
Locktite is no excuse not to check over your bike, your butt could depend on it. However... I use Locktite by the gallon :D, hypocrite that I am. I actually went over my bile before I went for the first ride of the Spring (before it got cold again), and I always do at least a walk around at the start of the day.

I've lost plenty of those chrome covers.... the ditches should be full of them. :eek:
Loctite? Of course, I am using it. Not on the turn signal assembly, though. And it did not prevent the other chrome cover bolt from escaping. :cool:
Very good advice Jamie since I have not checked mine in some time I will. I don't wash it as often now so it is more important to search for lose stuff. I do hear stuff at certain rpm ratling but just figure it to be the helmet lock. Hmm
I haven't tightened anything in 2 1/2 years and nothing's come loose yet. Maybe my dealer did it at 10000miles.
Good to read from you, Dougl. Consider yourself lucky then. Loctite, whether applied copiously or sparingly, has NOT impeded such disapperances as:

Front bolt holding the gas tank , rear of the steering column.... YES, that's the one. Original one gone for good after a few hours of riding . Dealer pre-deilvery prep questioned, of course . Two spares (about 5 US bucks each, BTW) since Oct. '04. Just (last week) caught the second one in the audacious act of... slowly unseating itself:eek:

Bolts on the triangular chrome-plated rearpeg/mufflet bracket cover. Both sides. Four fugitive bolts since Oct. '04. Endemic. The fifth is the one mentioned upstairs ;) .

Most of the OEM optional "hardware kit" bits and pieces. In particular, there's a chrome-plated (but probably plastic) "T"- marked cap that fits on the upper r/h side of the engine. I have lost 4 of those, Loctite notwitstanding . Current issue has been GLUED on:) .

And a bolt on the fork lowers, one of the two on each leg, holding the r/h brake calipers. I am afraid I briefly ran out of amusement on that one

Never a dull moment. I LUV THAT BIKE.:D