new triumph rocket tourer

You don't have an online translator? I do quite a bit of business in Japan, no, not the clamps, something else and I have a Japanese to English translation package on the computer. Problem is, sometimes the translation leaves a little to be desired. You still have to 'read between the lines' a little.

Looks like same article. I think it looks like a sweet tourer from the side. I'm not gonna be trading my '05 in on her but there are some good looking things thought out. The new bearclaw looks good on the new tank. The longer side panels have a good line. And I personally like the long low exhaust. I'm glad to have another Rocket choice in the Triumph stable.
I like it

Long, Lean, great lines, built for comfort and yet ready for speed.....knew a girl like that once...I'm getting excited....where's my nitro pills....what number do I push for English anyway???:D
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I love it!

I hope it is gonna put a great big dent in this years leftovers, so that I can actually afford a rocket of my own...;)