New handelbars


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Sep 22, 2007
I have broblem, I want to change new handelbars but i havent find
jet, bars that i looking is litle narrow and litel lower that original
I dont like valkyrian bars.. if you have make changes pleas add picture and
tell wer to buy and model. thanks ;)

Before you go through the effort and expense to get yourself new handlebars have you tried adjusting your exisitng ones higher or lower?

I adjusted my Classic bars 25-30mm taller and it made it a lot more comfortable for me.

If new handlebars are required you may also want to consider the Rivco Risers which bring the handlebars closer to you.

Good luck finding a fix
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I need more foward . and lower I run on the trac and driving stand is not agressive I´n original bars
Dang TravelGuy.... they've got a few...

Finny, if you can't find some that work for you at TG's spot, you're wayyyy too picky.
well well well, vince..
ive had the phat 1 for about 8 months now.. love them and the clubman bars but i thought id try the phat11.. out of stock for 2 weeks. should get them ohhh right about when you get your exhaust. also i need to know if you want the dual shorties or the 3-1 r/ about a side pic of your bike so i can see how far much farther the bars come back than with the 1"s .. also a lock to lock, tank level would be nice... ive got some drag bars i wanta try with the 11's
Here's the real deal, Harley FXSTB Badboy's with 40mm added to either end hehehe.
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oh gee's even my hero lurks here... you really need to relocate those guages rst'r like i did.... hey wait till you see what i'm doing to the rear foot peg tube ugly covered by a cheap chrome thingie... it is gonna be sooooooooo cool.