Being in the midst of dealing with a logo for myself, I can appreciate stuff like Registered Trademarks and statements like 'using under the license of......I don't know if I like the new rendition. I prefer the old with the outline and the big swoosh. Like Norton, Triumph has always had a distinctive trademark. I'm trying to make mine as distinctive without infringing on anyone else's trademark. Things like copyright and trademark infringement as well as Trade Dress always give me a feeling of unease.
I went to a private museum in St Louis a few months back. This was the oldest Triumph I have ever seen -- a 1926. If Jack wasn't mad at me I'd have say that he bought this bike new on his 40th birthday.
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If you click on Triumph on that same website, there is a great condensed history of the company and the Rocket even gets an honorable mention.