I've got some bad news for the board


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
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Baggage1 is down! I mentioned this on the RAAII thread, he had a motorcycle accident on July 1st on a curve near NAS Pensacola on Gulf Beach Hwy. He was wearing a helmet but he got pretty banged up, broken arm, pinky on one hand, right leg fractured twice (I think), I just found out tonight when I called him up to make sure he knew how to get to my house (he has been there once, back in March), his wife picked up the phone and told me what happened, she thought he had already called me from the hospital.

So I'll be soloing up to Nashville tomorrow, at least as far as Montgomery where I shoud be meeting up with the Ft. Walton Beach contingent.
get well soon Baggage

get well soon, It takes time to heal properly,take your time, don't push too fast. Great to know he had his helmet on. God Bless rademis
Oh No... It sounds like he's gonna be on the mend for awhile. Take it easy and get well soon Bagman :(
So Sorry

Get well quick Baggage1. We have had a rash of motorcycle accidents in our local paper but lately things have quieted down. My wife always points them out to me.

Thanks for the heads up Molinoman.

I will add you to my prayer list Baggage1.
I will offer up a prayer for Baggage today and everyday until he is healed. And to everyone headed this way for the Nashville trip ride safe, Nashville has been here a long time and it ain't going anywhere.
Baggaage 1. WTF? Am off the PC and forum for a few days and things go wrong ? Take good care of yourself. With best wishes. Your friend, Jamie