Gas Tank Inlet Screws


Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
2005 Rocket 3/2014 Moto Guzzi Touring
I got this idea from reading a post by Pianoman. I changed out the stainless screws on the gas tank inlet to black. I picked up the matching black screws from my local hardware store who happens to carry a great selection on the metric side. I shot a little stain black and clear on the top for added protection and they look really good with the key opening being black also. Total costs about $4.00.
Hey britman, did you do the finish to the screw heads "before" or after you installed them? I'm just wondering, if you did it before, how did it hold up to a screwdriver load?

More info please. I'll bet it looks good. I'm going there.
There are three long and three shorter screws. (Three go through the bung and tap into the tank.) I believe the sizes are M5X12 and M5X30, .80 pitch on all. That is from memory so I would suggest pull one of each and take them down and have them matched. I used black metric allen heads like the stainless steel ones I removed. I just hazed the tops with satin black paint let them dry, and topped with just a little clear lacquer. I installed with a metric allen socket and they held up fine. I also used a little blue thread locker on them to be sure. You can always touch up with a small aritst paint brush if necessary. Good luck, one of the best $4.00 mods I have done. By the way I checked those Kuryakyn mirrors out in the J&P catalog, kind of leaning that way.