Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Hi guys.Just posted a couple more picts.in my album.Tell me what u think of the black forks.Picts. 9&13. If I get too many don't likes,I'll take them off.They are made from vinyl with hinges on the back and a thin piece of brazing rod for the hinge pin.Just pull the pin and their off.The bugs slide right off them.Also see Pict.9 for a better shot of the open K&N lids.Since I don't type worth a crap I'll use picts.Picts. worth a thousand words. EH

Yeah! What he said! Awesome! Very nice and fitting:bch:

And I still like those eye lashes.

Is that some of that thar "red-neck adhesive" over on the coffee table.
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red neck glue

Hey HeR3tic: Do u use that cyanoacrylate too.HA ha.I used to build a lot of RC airplanes gliders and boats and thats all we used.If used correctly it is fabulous stuff. Most people use to much.The chrome trim around the K&Ns was put on with it.Was developed for the medical folks to use instead of stiches on tissue.We used to glue the phones to the desks in our office.One guy glued the bottle to his ear while messing around with it.Don't ever put it on a toilet seat tehe.My paint shaker hardleys were glued together with it.Thanks for the comments.Us hicks out here need your ideas of what looks good. Thanks again Piggr (for the link)

Yea a little but I can hang my nuts in the old air cleaner hole thats now an ice bucket beer cooler(holds 5 cans of beer)And is insulated.Great for really hot days.Even have a VW.windshield washer pump to pump out the melted ice water.Spike usually pees on the hardleys next to him.And thats the truth. Pastorfreak..Just go to your local fabric store and get some cheap vinyl.Notice in picts.that the seat and side pads on tank are the same vinyl.Didn't like the triumph pads.(too thick and to expensive).
Jack, your machine looks sweet to me, black fork included. A silver gray leather seat would complement it, if I may suggest. Best. Jamie:bch:
One tough lookin' streetfighter! Don't change a thing. I got to know where you got that "Tri-Power" on the oil tank. If you made it...Very Original i must say. But i might have to "borrow" your idea!:rolleyes: Bigern