Flipmeister clamps X 2 Installed

Clean Bike

I learned my lesson on my last post to wash the bike BEFORE you take ANY pictures.
Two Of 'Em

I like those 2 little guys on the speedometer and tach. Do they take pictures of where you're going?

The R3 looks great but the floor needs some crack filler. Just kidding!
PianoMan, Your killing me here !


I'm getting a little nervous myself. I keep the bike covered in the shop (along with the Bonnie) but the bikes are always subject to coolant mist even under the covers. I'm coming along on the saddlebag liners (I have a set of new Panniers for the fit) but I'm going to install the first set on my bike (so I can return the new ones). I hope I'm not shocked when I uncover it. Seems as though digital cameras show all ills.:D