Fall in the Blue Ridge


Dec 5, 2006
Durham, NC
Here's a couple of pictures from this weekend's rumble on in the NC mountains.

If any of you can ever ride the Blue Ridge in late October/ early November, I highly recommend it.
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Not many this weekend because the weather was bad all week and it was misting on Saturday morning.

By the time we started climbing NC-16, the sun was out and sky was clear. It was mid-50s on the parkway. We saw a few cars, and a bunch of bicyclists.
I've been there in the Summer when its warmer but unfortunately also jam packed with traffic.

Beautiful fall scenery and very little traffic, sounds like you picked a perfect time to pay a visit.

You got anymore good ideas you'd care to pass on?
Too Beautiful For Words

RB..... You lucky dog! I've heard so much about the Blue Ridge Parkway but those few pictures speak volumes about the winding road and the great scenery. Haven't seen that kind of outdoors since riding in Glacier National Park in Montana ( and that was in a car).

I'm hoping to sneak down to Branson, Missouri in the next few weeks and get a eye full of the Ozark mountain trees changing color and riding a few winding roads myself.

Thanks for the pictures.
You got anymore good ideas you'd care to pass on?


Vermont and New Hampshire are beautiful as well, just a might bit cooler, and the traffic is much heavier in the fall. I rode through Vermont a few years back in the summer... the Green Mountains are beautiful and the mountains in New Hampshire were excellent.

A buddy went riding outside of Vegas and said it was outstanding... assuming you like desert scenary.

I used to travel to the Ozarks on business a number of years ago, and fall is very pretty there as well. Lots of sweeping turns.

Great shots. I was up in the Virginia side this past Sunday. Cool day, a little windy, but great riding. I don't think the leaves up this way have as much color as south. No Rain!!!!! We are still under water restrictions here and may be until the first of the year depending on rainfall.