Exhaust upgrade


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Nov 5, 2006
Chapel Hill, NC (Chatham County)
Being new to the site and forums, I probably haven't discovered all the posts about the good and bad of the different exhaust systems. I'm heavily leaning toward the Triumph upgrade that will replace the mufflers and cat box as that will not void my warranty (I hope). The only other thing I would like to change is the air filter if it would give me any performance increase(warranty issue also). I've been trying to find someone with this setup to determine if I liked the sound, but so far no luck.I've even told my dealer that i would drive the 50 miles to listen to one if it comes in for service, etc.
Hope someone out there can advise me on this. Does this setup seem to have anything to do with the idle problem some are having? Do you like the sound and is it real loud if you crank it on hard as my dealer said ( I know loud is subjective). About how much HP and Torque increase do you get with the factory upgrade compared to some of the others?
So far I've only had only had a couple of problems, the fuel guage and a small chrome seperation on the handle bar yoke underneath the instruments.Both were taken care of by the warranty.:)
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You might want to go to the Prop Wand section and click on multi-media. That's got several different types of set ups with sound. I put on Staintune with their CAT and picked up 22 hp staying 3/3 with the pipes. A lot of us changed to K&N air filters for a little more air flow to the engine.

Dealers have told me you can't do anything that's not OEM or the warranty is voided. Later they'd said the change would have had to cause the problem to become null and void. To me that means they couldn't tie an air filter change to chrome coming off. You're strickly VOR on this one!
I have the TORs and cat-delete, running a Power Commander, and the bike runs GREAT! I did lose about 5 MPG though.. but I have no idle problems and no popping on decel. I have just over 16K miles on her now and she runs better than ever.
Hi 727,I have been following this discussion since May and the one thing that stands out is with any pipe mod,3to3,3to2,3to1,involve a cat delete pipe.I have heard in person the cat delete pipe and the TOR's and it is quite loud.I have also heard the aftermarket Staintune 3to3 with the cat box and delivers a rich full sound.that is not too loud.I think my next move will be a cat delete pipe with stock pipes as I do not want a lot of decibles,just some.I think just pipes and cat mod should not affect MPG that much for a reasonable power gain.Now intake is something I'm still looking at.Nothing to worry about with the idle issue as I believe it is very isolated and involved the wrong factory tune.
I installed D&D's as well and removed the cat box and went from 3 to 2 (removed pipe on left side). Not actually loud enough for me, but have got a lot of complements on the sound from other bikers. Did the installation myself but had my dealer re tune it for my set up, and no problem with the warranty. Have not noticed any performance issues.