Cover of the Rolling Stone

there is also a link on there web site to subscribe..
two(2) advantages here
1. you won't have to look at my bad photo's
2. this plug might save me from copyrite and trademark enfringment oh hell it may keep me out of jail(I can spell jail)
I really hate to be redundant but........:sick:

Will it have the technologically advanced self destructing timing chain and sprockets too?

I'm with Rocky.....I searched the site and can't find the bike....does it really exist or is it a figament of an upset stomach????

No Flip, it weren't "..............:sick:" And I searched the site Gunshots and didn't find the new Tourer :(

I have uploaded a photo of the cover to my photos. (scanner took a :sick:)but can't link to the thread. maybe tomo can help

There web address is

check there but is useally a couple weeks before the add the current mag (December 07 issue)

Did I mention that it may be a couple weeks before the new magizine is on their site????????????
No you didn't. Typical Michigander. You should run for Governor. You'll do well.:D

I looked at your pictures. Only minor puke not major puke but puke nonetheless. A Rocket with one abortion. What's with the reflector under the seat and the gawd awful gages on the tank like an Electra Glide.........

Wonder if we can get an X-ray of the timing chain for further reference?
Borrowed Parts

It kinda looks like a Harcan Honduki with a rocket powerplant. I wonder it the parts were stolen or just borrowed..

All kidding aside if they would put a handlebar mount faring of sorts they have got all the market covered, and might just make a real showing. Its not for everyone but there is alarge segment of the market shifting to the power cruiser market. the Rocket and the M-109 tourer have got a huge jump on that market.
My take

It doesn't look bad, but it is similar to the Vulcan as far as asthetics. The bags do not look like the Vulcan as the Vulcan bags open up from the side out not from the top (similar to a Harley though).

The engine looks the same but the instrument pod does look like a Harley or anything in the Vulcan series possibly even like the Yammies (though I haven't seen one in a while).

The headlight basically took out it's soul...bad decision on Triumph's part.

The Gold Wing is gone but I still have the Rocket till it sells and that could be awhile and if I get a new job (yes Flip... I am leaving Sears) I may end up keeping it after all. Since the wife couldn't ride on the Gold Wing it had to go...grudgingly but it was traded in on (along with my Ford Focus) a 2008 Mustang "California Special" GT.
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Look at the size of them pippppessss, Giant pipessss, Big muther freeken Piiipessssss

BIG pipes, little hole.......

I still don't like it, To me it looks like a Guzzi California Police Edition. The styling game is interesting. Triumph drops the 2 headlight R3 trademark and HD picks up the 2 headlight theme. It has a skinny rear tire too. What gives with that. Maybe it's Triumph's answer to the bevel box problems. Easier to turn over, less friction, less driveline torque shock......

I take it they (Triumph are still gonna offer the R3 that we all have?)