Congenital Clutch Condition


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Aug 27, 2006
Boston, MA & Birmingham UK
My RIII, it turns out, had a congenital clutch condition. It had been assembled wrong in the plant.

Here's the saga. Bought the bike in August, and noticed that the clutch was slipping a little. Sat it on the drive to adjust it a bit. Held the clutch in, went to start the bike and - crunch. The clutch had become engaged and over she went.

So - back to the dealer (Riverside in Somerville). They arranged for a tow, took a look at the clutch and tried to put it back together as it should have been in the plant.

Triumph were very good about it: paid for the tow, the various parts needed *and* the consequential damages to the bike when it fell. Sure, it was a brand new bike, but you can imagine some guys trying to wriggle out of it.

So - a week later - we're back on the road. Clutch is still slipping. Aaaargh. Back to the dealer - clutch has been damaged more than they thought. They order a new clutch. Triumph sends the wrong parts. Triumph tries again,
this time gets the parts right. The bike's entering its third week doing nothin' in the shop (on this, it's second visit).

So - it's been about 8 weeks since I bought the bike, and it's been unavailable for 3-4 of 'em. Aaaaargh. Frustrating. It's all very well for you guys in TX, but here in Boston, MA it's starting to get nippy and I missed our Indian summer.

So - overall - Triumph screwed up for sure. Having said that, they've done a nice job in recovery, apart from the glacial pace of getting the bike back to me. The opportunity cost of not having the bike at this time of year is high. It would have been nice to have someone *on* the problem, rather than having a series of delays. Not too happy about this. The blame lies in the cracks between the dealer and Triumph. Triumph had a great opportunity to fix it fast, and didn't.

Good thing I've got the Bonnie....the wife totalled the beemer (car) the day the Rocket was called home.
Was so upset about the RIII, I didn't even notice....

Anyone else had this problem (with RIII or wife*?).

*She was unhurt btw...Good thing. Out of warranty.
So Far..... So Good

Raptor....... Nothing to report when it comes to the clutch. I will say there seems to be a void somewhere between dealerships and Triumph. I've had several instances where things were ordered correctly but wrong parts delivered. Other times the order was wrong and it took extra time to correct the oversight.

I've especially been upset with Triumph and Arai Helmets for putting items in their catalogs with part numbers assigned. Then you order and wait but nothing ever shows up. Why?
Because the item or part was never made in the first place.

In the case of the helmet I spent 8 weeks trying to find out when it would arrive. The supplier didn't even have the courtesy to let the dealer know it wasn't available. Okay...enough venting for tonight as my warmed milk is ready to consume.
So, what is the going warrenty time frame on a wife. I believe I should have done something with mine a long time ago. Even though the "feeling" is still comfortable with this one, a new one might have provided a few different angles, right?

Or maybe the warrenty is endless. Gosh, maybe that's it! I'm doomed!

How did you remain composed triumphraptor? I would have come unglued. What will be the restitution for the lost riding time? Anything? Maybe a Tuneboy, Rivco Risers, Triumph Roadscreen, Progressive 440's, Dresser bars, Cat bypass, free set of rubber? Anything to compensate your lost time of enjoyment & intense agony.

Wow - that's particularly galling when Arai have chosed not to sell via the Web. I agree that it's good that they have a well-compensated dealer network who can fit the helmets right, and not fear "try and click" buyers. However, it also demands that they maintain communication links in the channel so people know
about this stuff.

8 weeks just because they chose not to reveal information about no availability is a ridiculous waste of your time. Very frustrating.
rusty - I haven't brought the warranty issue up with her for fear that she'll look up the one she has on me. I'm definitely out of warranty, and given that I disappear for days on end to go play on motorbikes - I'm prolly the lemon. Still - as you say - never hurts to look at the newer models.. :)

...and I *have* come unglued about the Rocket a few times! Meanwhile, I've compensated *myself* by getting the Rivco risers, dresser bars and a screen as you suggested, to await the Rocket's eventual recovery.