Jun 27, 2009
2012 roadster
Friend of mine injured his foot a couple of weeks ago and yesterday he rang and asked if i could help out and take his bike for a run..well you have to help..don't ya :D
It's an orange Bmw K1300s and it's not a color that you immediately think..nice.
But having seen it twice now..i think it looks good,especialy with the sun on it.
Haven't ridden a Bmw since i owned a K1 in 1990 and was looking forward to renewing
the experiance. Bmw quote 175 bhp and 103ft/lbs with a dry weight of 560lbs
It has ABS and EVO brake system which works the rear brake when you apply the front brake..back brake just works the back. I kinda remember Honda having a set up like this on the Blackbird. ESA which is Electronic Suspension Adjustment it as 3 settings
Comfort/Normal/Sport which is ajustable on the move. Normal is pretty good for every day use and sport seems to tighten everything up and you can feel the differance..
didn't use comfort. ASC..Anti Spin Control which is a form of traction control and can be switched off along with the ABS..you have to be at a stanstill to do this..i think.
There is an oil cooler in the fairing under the head light, a gear indicator and two items that i really like. a temprature gague and a centre stand.
When Chris ordered the bike he had the dealer fit an Akrapovic end can and it gives it a nice growl.
Getting on the bike my first impression was that it felt lighter than it looked..but the rocket seems to have that effect on me.
First gear went in silently and easily and i pulled away all gear changes were slick, both up and down and neutral was easy to find,the bike had some 3000 odd miles on it
Bmw seem to have the shaft drive sorted, the footpegs and controls are adjustable.
Chris is about the same height as me, so his set up worked for me
I found the bike to be comfortable and easy to ride, also deceptively fast.
There were times when the bike was pulling quite hard and i thought i was in 3rd only
to look down at the gear indicator and see 4th displayed..nice.
Chris said there is a little bit of vibration at 7000rpm but it soon goes, as she gets into her stride. I only got to about 5000rpm and she was moving along nicely.;)
I did just over 100 miles on this bike and loved everyone of them.
BMW have built a well made fast comfortable bike, with some practical touches.
Chris is going to be out of action for a couple of months and i'm going to have to do it again, the things we do for our friends :D



Sep 8, 2008
Crystal Beach, FL
Those K bikes are very well done. I've looked longingly at the K1300 GT.

And yes, you just have to help out your friends...... Ride it. A lot.:D


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
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Hey Ray, what are friends for?


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Mar 8, 2006
La Vernia, TX
Nice of you to be a friend like that!

Back in 2001, my friend's wife bought him a Trophy 1200 as a surprise and asked me to go with her to Tyler, TX to pick it up and ride it back to Shreveport, LA. Who was I to argue?..