Bigerns' Rocket back on the road...somewhat


.060 Over
Sep 9, 2006
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
I say "somewhat" because it has been rainning cats and dogs all weekend during reassembly of the motor back into the frame. But...i did get to do a burn out in the shop! It's Monday now and the rain is starting to slack off. The bikes at a friends garage about 20 miles out of town, so i'll probably catch a ride in with him from work and ride the bike home Tuesday. Anyways, everything went back together without a hitch and fired right up. I also replaced the damaged left headlight bucket and now she looks showroom perfect again. I still am in awe that i did not cave in the left side of the fuel tank or bend the handle bars, even though the handle bar risers shifted to the left a little. I just locked the steering to the right and shoved, and the risers fell right back into alignment. I'm ready for a road trip...anybody care for somemore BBQ? Or mabe we can go visit Vonbonds and let him treat us to some steak and lobster! Take care everyone and thanks for the support!
Heeee's back!

Great to hear Bigern. Weather pretty bad here too. Hope it breaks there and you can ride a bit because I am sure you are anxious. Enjoyed meeting you and riding with you, I'd be your wingman anytime!:cool:
Way to go Bigern! Glad to hear your baby is back together. Hopefully the weather will break for you soon so you can enjoy some miles on her before winter really kicks in. As for coming out here...lets do it! No lobster though, Maryland is known for their crab :).
That is great news Big,glad it came together better than it went apart.Be sure and keep the round rubber on the ground and get the grin workin again.
Oh... wait... what's this hairpin spring over here on the carpet???

Just jackin' with ya :D..... good job. I think you are going to get employee of the month...
Git R Done

FINALLY ! I know it's been a long road getting the beast back up and running but sounds like you're back in the big saddle again. Vonbonds is right..... The last time I was in Maryland (Salisbury and Ocean City) I got crabs! I'll leave it right there
Sounds like you could get a job at any Rocket Shop you wish. How many of us would have dared to tackle the task you took on Bigern? I know who has the knowledge if ever I penetrate into the dark crevasses of the Rocket motor world.

Hope it performs for years to come. See ya Bigern.
On the road again!

Thanks Rusty! I went on a two hundred mile run this last Saturday, just running the foothills and some steady high speed runs down the interstate, and i'm happy to report that she's running perfect! No oil leaks, no odd vibrations, no check engine lights. Transmission shifts beautifully...I almost think it shifts better than before. But thats probably just me telling myself that.:rolleyes: Anyways, i went and got my Oklahoma tag today at a cost of $110.00. I think they screwed up somewhere 'cause i was expecting to pay well over $200.00, way over! They like to charge you a lien fee, a excise tax, out of state transfer and so on. For once in my life, i kept my yap shut...wrote the check, and skillfully slinked out. Glad to see the site is back on-line. I think i started having withdrawls Friday night. Sooo, when's the next meet? I'm getting hungry!
Congratulataions on a **** fine job. I rebuilt the top end of my single lunger Matchless and I invented several new curse words during the process. I can't even imagine what it is was like inside the beast of an R/3. Man be proud of that kind of talent. Ride safe, and everybody from Virginia knows if you go to Maryland you get crabs.