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Sep 9, 2006
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
My name is Ernie, also known as Bigern2300 on the Triumphrat site. Toystoretom invited me over to help me post some pictures of my teardown of my Rocket motor. If you haven't been follwing my midlife crisis, back on Memorial Day weekend I ran my bike of on heck of a curve and down a hillside. I finally came to a short slidding stop on the left side screwing up something in my transmission. I removed the motor myself and completed the repair. While doing so, i took some photos of the internals and posted them here on the site listed under the members albums. I've yet to completely assemble the motor yet due to waiting on another part, so more photos will follow. Thanks...Bigern ;)
Ernie, welcome to the fold! Are you going to make it up for the BBQ in two weeks? If you are bikeless jump in a vehilce of the 4 wheel nature and enjoy some good eats with us!
Yes BBQ.... You are getting very hungry... mmmmmmmmm

I've put your pics up both on T Rat and here.... for some reason that I haven't figured out yet on T Rat... they come and they go... right now they are back up.... I've never seen that happen before :confused:.

Anyway, since I'm pretty sure they will stay "up" on this site if you want to do a description of your pics please do so... I numbered them so you can refer to them... Here is the link..

Oh... Welcome... But don't drop out of T Rat... They like you over there :D
How About You

I thought the pictures of the internal parts of an R3 engine were great though my limited knowlegde of combustion engines rivals that of a wet rag on a cold morning! Glad to have you join our family and I notice Tomo says you come with good credentials.

What I don't know is how did you fair in the bike slide? Hope you weren't hurt seriously and you're getting back to good health in quick order. It would be great to have you join us in Sedalia on the 24th.
Ernie, I started a thread asking for advice on riding the Dragon's Tail and there was a pretty good conversation from those who enjoyed it on the Rocket and those that found it too dangerous. Curious about your mishap, how and why did you lose it.:(
Thanks everyone for the great welcome. And thanks Tomo for the help with the pictures. As far as the mishap...Pure lack of focus and attentivness. I just flat out let my mind wander. I managed to daydream myself clean thru a right hand curve doing around 70 mph and down a hillside for about 75 feet or so, all the time riding the Rocket like a dirtbike, hands and feet performing miracles to keep control of the bike, finally comming to a short sliding stop just feet away from a tree line. The bank was steep enough that you could barely see the tops of cars going by! I recieved a slightly twisted ankle. The Rocket had a broken/bent shifter and a damaged left headlight and luckly no paint or body damage.. I shook off the cobwebs, picked her up and rode her out of the ravine shifting gears with the heel of my boot on the little arm the connects to the thru shaft. I have ridden the Dragon several times, on my '95 Trophy 4 pre-bagger, which is better designed for aggresive riding on such a road. I'm not too sure about taking my Rocket there. I simply get too aggresive in my riding when in the curves. Although i've seen baggers take it easy and still end up on their sides. And oh yeah....BBQ....MMMMmmmmm. From Okie to Maryland in a weekend? "Bikeless?" HA! I think my '95 Trophy 4 might be up for it!
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vonbonds said:
Ernie, I meant next weekend in KC :).
Oops! Sorry about that. :eek: I just looked at your home address and assumed, I haven't been keeping up on current events as much as i should. I'll check out the posts for information. Thanks, Bigern