1. Kim Douyard

    import tune?

    I recieved a tune from Hanso last year now trying to tune bike how do I get tune in to tuneECU map file to load in bike
  2. N

    2011 R3T No ECM data port??

    Outstanding forum here folks! Been lurking since 2011, first time post. I promise to formally introduce myself in the appropriate forum here shortly. Bike is apart wanted to get this out there asap. Bike is currently set up with tors and a PCV but wanted to make the jump to tuneecu just...
  3. ricochet

    Very cool USB Power Ports just installed

    Hey Guys, So I've had this previous Dual USB power port installed on my rocket and it worked for 3 years great until one day I rode to work and didn't realize that it was going to rain... left the ports open and the rain got into the unit and killed it solid. So I went shopping for a...
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