Any Tricks to Removing Locked Fuel Cap?

I don't know if this is going to be any help.
I bought a locking gas cap from Triumph to replace the original twist on/off.
This is the cap key next to the ignition key. Big difference in those.

yes but you have a touring
Agreed. I ended up just calling the closest Triumph Shop (2.5 hours away) and they are going to do the drill out of the current fuel tank lock, and then do a run through of cleaning out the lines, replacing any fluids/oils, and replacing the tires..

I drained the fuel before I set it aside.. but didn't think to drain anything else..

Bike sat outside in humid weather under a cover for all those years, so it has a bit of rust and pitting on pretty much all of the chrome plated stuff.. so that all will be replaced/repainted little by little over time..

I dropped a stack on a Honda Rebel 1100 a few months back; so at least I have something to ride while getting the big horse back in working order.
Boy do I know about rust and pitting on chrome. 4 ought steel wool, buffing pads and time. It will shine up fine.