675 Street Triple


Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Hinckley admittedly faced with more orders than it can cope with... has to prioritize....is thus asking its dealers world-wide to come up with firm customer orders... preferably originating from existing, loyal Triumph users ... my dealer just placed one such order on my behalf... and then told me about it... :rolleyes:

So I happen to have a quasi firm purchase contract on a white Street Triple, due next October.

What if I desist? I asked. NO PROBLEM! was the answer.

Mmmh... And what if I do NOT want to desist... I asked.

Appointment @ 15:00 tomorrow to discuss details and... accessories:D.

Life is a party. Rock on! Jamie
Hope your on the small side that bike isnt for us big guys :eek:

I bet iits fun though, my S3 was :)
Congrats Jamie. If it is half as fun as the Speed Triple you will have a blast. Looks to be a great bike to go out and wreak havoc for about 30 minutes then pull it back in the garage and hide out for a while.
Thanks Pig9r. Now, for old times' sake, please do MYSTIFY me again with custom colors, as you did when I was waiting for my Daytona 675 :D. Jamie