2015 / 2016 Rocket III recall


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Apr 4, 2010
Batemans Bay, NSW, Aus
08 Rocket III R.I.P now TEX Triumph Explorer
what is this recall for,is sidestand bolt ,the recall????
Sorry @happyhenry even thou I now ride a Triumph Explorer 1200 I still live here, in fact I think I would get shot by some if I left here, as I still spend a lot of time behind the scenes helping guys with tunes and other issues, the safest bet for Any Triumph owner is to put thier full VIN number in the Link in post #1 and check your bike as in my case, my bikes previous owner had not been notified by his *dealer* of the Explorer sidestand bolt which only effected a batch of them, had the bolt replaced last week by my dealer and they were shocked that the *QLD dealer* had ignored the recall, the bolt they removed showed stretch signs and was badly bent, could have been ugly if it had let go, I am lucky that I have such a good dealer.
* the QLD dealer* "Moto Arena" in Nerang is No longer a Triumph dealer and is the same dealer who also left out a necessary structural brace in the headlight cockpit area which I have on order, I had noticed that on dirt roads the the screen and cockpit surrounds were shaking around a lot and only after checking out the service manual found that the $90 brace was missing, PO had told me that a lot of the cockpit had been replaced after a front end loose on a dirt road but the Dealer had obviously not bothered or neglected to replace the structural support cross bar
Also found Triumph Australia to be very helpful
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Jan 21, 2017
Maine, USA
2016 Rocket Roadster
they said my 2016 was good to go for the clutch, I mentioned that my clutch sometimes left funny black marks behind the bike, more so near the end life of my Metzler tire, must have a bad tire:oops::confused:


Dec 6, 2019
Triumph Rocket III 2005/ Triumph Rocket 3 R 2020
thought he said 2015 and 2016
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