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Nov 25, 2006
Heart of Dixie (Alabama)
I've only recently purchased, online, three Vega helmets. The size scale needs some major revision. Neither the one for the wife (s) nor the two for myself (XL) are comfortable at all. And I went up one size for myself because I was borderline. My wife is two divisions below medium so she got a small.
The Summit II modular is marginal; full fledged XLs should not apply. The XTs are way under-size for the actual stated size; or are they suppose sit on your head like a Yarmulke with the feeling of a ace bandage wrapped a dozen times.

I was motivated to go with Vega because:
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I have a Vega xpv. It was a little tight at first, but after a while it molded itself to my melon pretty good.

The red color matches my R3's faster red almost perfectly!:roll:
The XPV and the Summit II are very very similar. I don't recall which came first. I suppose I'll live with the Summit and hope it molds to my head. As little sunshine exposure it gets it could actually mold. But the XTs havta go back.:mad:
Summit II

The Summit has become acceptable but don't look for a quite ride. But, I've always gone the ear plug route anyway...loud pipes do save lives.:eek: and less ear aches! It could be a hole clear through:roll:
I'm going with a KBC Force RR full face next. With the sport winshield the shory helmets don't work. The wind catches the helmet and pulls my head back. My neck kills me after a long ride. I have to stay under 60 to be confortable.:(
And no I don't want to go to a full shield yet.
Paul - I know you're not old enough yet:eek: But shortly you'll see the benefits of big screens and saddle bags and footboards:)

Jack - give me a moment:)
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Paul try the KBC FFR modular. I am a little claustrophobic and like the full face protection but when I am not moving I flip it up. Makes it easy to talk to the guys that pull up next to you at stop lights asking questions also. I got mine new for $125 on Ebay. Good helmet for the $$$. The black with dark smoke shield looks good.
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I've got two Vega XPV modulars myself. Don't wear them much now as they matched my first Gold Wing...Illusion Blue. Know what you mean by the sizing, I went with the 2XX. I got them with one clear shield and put a tinted shield on the other one, kept the spare one in the trunk, if it was daytime, wore the tinted, near dusk, I'd switch over to the clear.
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Old enough, that is I just got off a bike with full shield leather saddles and floor boards. I am enjoying the change right now. It’s just a matter of time before I start adding the old man fart stuff on but for right now I'm enjoying renewed sense of youth.;)
Check it out

This is the helmet I'm looking at. It's the closest color I can find to my bike. plus I can circle the top speeds on it. Put a gold tint shield on it and it will look sweet i think.:flame: