Tuneboy + PCIII


Mar 4, 2006
Bel Air, MD
Hello all,

I finally got around to configuring my Tuneboy on my bike. I have installed the 20050DynoFinalMap_TOR_CatBypass_Decel.dat tune on my bike and have ridden it for a few days now (feels good to be back on the road!!!). I have had my PCIII off for a while but was wondering if there is any benefit to using the PCIII in conjunction with the Tuneboy?


I'm running both... which is probably silly, but it is running so sweet I'm not going to mess with it. I think the PC III works better on the decel popping issue and the accelerator pump feature but the tuneboy helps with the throttle plates and miles per hour limiter. On the other hand... if you have the PC III hooked up it is just one more device that can fail...
Actually if you want to get a dyno tune, the PCIII maybe the way to go. There is hardly anyone around willing to learn to use Tuneboy and with the PCIII you can go to any dynojet tuner and plug and go.

Just make sure to load the same base tune via Tuneboy you had previously so the mapping will be correct for the PCIII. Tom's tune is the base 20050 tune with ignition advanced in I4, speedo corrected and secondaries open 100% of the time.
Seems like a big waste of money to run Tuneboy over PC III. Of course, that's easy for me to say since I've got a dyno guy 2 hours away (near San Antonio) that will custom map Tuneboys. My bike is there as I type.
I actually have been thinking of doing the same thing. It is cheaper to buy the PCIII and get it mapped than pay the 8 hours it takes to dyno tune it with Tuneboy.
Based on the prices down here, the PC III with a custom map to include ignition mods is about $400 cheaper than a Tuneboy with a custom map.

I went with Tuneboy, however, because the dyno guy could control more variables such as keeping the bike in open loop, RPM limit, speed limit, and idle speed.
The PCIII also keeps the ECU in open loop all the time. With both I guess it is the best of both worlds. I know Wayne from Tuneboy does not care for the PCIII at all, but it works. Tuneboy offers finer tuning of the fueling maps than PCIII. If you look at the air fuel tables the ECU only goes into open loop (14.57 and higher a/f ratios) up to about 12% throttle openings beyond that it is not open loop. Anytime I went too far below 14.0 in the near idle areas of the a/f table the bike's idle got weak. Any lower than 14.0 and I was lucky to make it back from my test ride.

How is that dyno tune coming TTG?
Pig9r, sent ya a PM 'cause I don't wanna steal threads...

I'm interested in your Tuneboy dyno tune too.

The problem is getting someone to map with Tuneboy on a DynoJet dyno. I can't do that where I live, even if I wanted to spend the money.

I'm running the Tuneboy 20050_2 and I'm happy with the dyno results (~140/150). It would cost me another $650 to install and custom map a PCIII over the ECU.

I don't think it's worth it but if I already had the PCIII, I would probably fork over the $250 to have it mapped.