TuneBoy Modified Tunes Talk

I am still not happy with the results. It has resolved about 65% of the popping and is about a smooth as I can get it. I went back to the standard SteveDyno tune but the backfiring was horrendous (it was shotgun blast loud, you know like the John Candy's car in Uncle Buck). So I went back to the SteveDynoPig9r2 tune.

I have been talking with a dyno tuner not to far from me who is familiar with Tuneboy. I will probably get a dyno tune within the next week. They use a FactoryPro EC997 Eddy Current dyno. Anyone have an opinion on a FactoryPro vs DynoJet? The operator seemed pretty confident that it could be done within a couple of hours.
Quit deleting your own messages :eek:......

Well... the PigMan and I spent some quality time with the TuneBoy program this afternoon. We made some discoveries and learned some things, and we also learned to use some of the available tools to our advantage. I'm going to let him fill you in on our progress because this is his baby and he is really doing a great job with it. Both of us (more so Brian than I) have spent many hours on this and I just have a gut feeling we are just about on the verge of a breakthrough.

While I'm thinking about it (ie... before I forget it forever) I think we made a mistake assuming that the info from the datalogger in neutral will transfer over to the bike while its being ridden in gear. We need to throw the laptop in the backpack. The only thing that will probably be correct in all of that would be the idle.... you should have seen us drop the mixture on that baby :eek:.... we are mad scientists. We are going to have to look at the O2 volts and MAP pressures under a load... I'll bet that's what is biting us in the ass....
Yes you are probably right. This is a very slow process and for someone with a short attention span like myself it can be trying. The learning curve is definitely long and steep.

We had zero luck importing a PCIII map into the TuneEdit map. It ran like pounded dog crap. That is why I deleted the last post. Do not attempt if you are far from home. I am sure I'll no longer be block captain with the 21 gun salute the Rocket gave the neighbors today.
I'm sure that most people on the board would join me in expressing very grateful appreciation for all of your tedious, time consuming hard work on this. I wish you all great success!
As mentioned before, thank you for your effort and for giving us all that much information and files. In a world dominated by money and interest only, this is something we are not used to find every day. This is what makes this type of forums such a great place !

Regarding TuneBoy, just a few points:

1. Some of you are very knowledge people about how it works, so, based on your experience, maybe someone could write a real world tutorial about ECU tuning, but going to the basics, explaining from page 1 / chapter 1. The TuneBoy manual does not tell you why / how, etc, just the way the program works. There is a need that some basic topics are covered in depth.

2. Regarding the modified tunes, it would be nice to put them all togueter and well organized, with the comments of the guy who did it, plus the comments of who has downloaded on the bike. This will allows us to track the development that has been done.

We should divide us in different working groups, ( under one are of the forum ) like:

0. Stock bike - stock files ( to make them available to all if needed ).

A. No CAT - TORS - K&N.

B. No CAT - MadDog - K&N.

C. No CAT - Jardines - K&N.

D. Etc,...

This will allow also to compare the results with different pipes, that is the most different thing we have between us.

I understand that most of us once involved in TuneBoy issues, will have CAT bypassed, any type of optional pipes and the K&N filter. Who is going to modifie the ECU on a standard bike ?

Someone mentioned that we need to put the laptop on the bike and take the results under real world conditions, and this is true. Only putting the bike on the dyno is not enough, since some conditions are different.

I will order my TuneBoy next week so I hope to work side by side with all of you.

Good luck to all of us in this adventure !
MadRock, Yes the Tuneboy documentation is very vague and contains a little bit that applies to the Keihin ECU and a little for the Sagam ECU. The problem is we are still trying to figure out what everything does. For example Wayne from Tuneboy says to eliminate popping on decel for cat removal and maddog pipes to add fuel to the L123 maps. Well if you add 25% which is what the PCII maps add, you still get some popping and the throttle gets rough at small throttle openings which makes for not very relaxed riding. So there is always a cause and effect.

Tom and I 'tuned' with it for several hours last weekend and we just started to scratch the surface. I wouldn't feel comfortable writing a 'how to' at this point.

Everything you suggested is exactly what I want to do with this part of the forum. With the ability to post and download tune files this has the potential to be an excellent resource. The problem is it seems not too many people (besides Tom and I right now) are experimenting with it and reporting the results. Once there is some more conversation as to the results and more people out there trying different things then it will get better.

One other problem is that there is only one dyno based tune out now. I am finding out you really need a A/F meter and/or dyno to dial a Rocket III in. I do hope to get some dyno tuning done in the next week or so. Hopefully that will get us pointed in the right direction. I am impressed with what Tuneboy can do however I don't think it offers much more (fueling wise) than what can be done with a PCIII at this point. Once some of the fueling issues are sorted and some more real world tests are done it should be better.