Trade Wind sheilds

cane corso

Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
Hi as much as I like my big Triumph windsheild I would like to get a fly screen just because its more sporty. So if any one has a orange Fly screen with the black tribal on the front and would want a big screen for more pertection against the wind . I'll trade but must be in new condition I beleave this will be a good trade my wind screen is worth more and alls I want is a even trade ? Thanks
Just buy yourself a fly screen. That color combination is not that common, so I bet it's going to be hard to find someone who is willing to trade. I have the fly screen, which I leave on most of the time AND I also have the big Triumph windshield. I swap the windshield on for winter, or sometimes for very long rides.
Wind sheild

Thanks Ride, I was just trying too save money and hopeing that there is some one out there that has a orange Roket that would love too trade for more wind pertection and both of us wouldn't need to spend any money. But that is a good idea if I can't find any one I'll need too break down and buy one. Thanks
Hi Cane!

Why don't you post this in the want ad section... you might get some action there :D...
Wind sheild

Thanks Toystoretom, But I'm not sure how to do it I have looked for the sight but can't find it perhapes I might stumble over it soon. Thanks