storing the rocket/turntable

Screw the turntable, I'd just like to stand there & let "Her" try to kick my a$$. Then we'd discuss the turntable, Horizontally!

Neat find RADEMIS.

Rad, they dont say If she comes with It..?? Kool.Ripping out the old ladys lazy susan to make one now.. Crazy jack
Yea I thought it was nice, but I don't think I will be ordering one any time soon. They want $ 995.00 plus fed ex shipping. I do think it is nice, and I wanted to share the "find" with you all. Bob
Cool idea...

I wonder what they are using for the "turning" part....

I', thinking the old Lazy Boy swivel rocker hardware wouldn't be up for the task, and I can't find my old skateboard so I wouldn't be able to steal the wheels off of it.

Busa, can you ask Hombre?:D

Ratboy,, I asked Hombre and he said acording to his mathmatical calculations the bearing surface is equal to the muffler bearing surface in a 66 cady like tomo has..So find an old cady for parts.. Te he Crazy Jack