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Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
I bought some chrome side covers from and when I put them on and line the brackets to the scew holes there's about 3/4 of an inch showing of the black showing . When I move it down so all the black is not showing just meeting the bottom chrome the brackets for the chrome to scew in is about 3/4 off. As any one else came aross this problem putting them on?
I had purchase another set of cover from another captain & they fit fine but they were actual Triumph parts. Sounds like a quality question from the supplier of the after market parts. Like improper tab locations.

Not certain where you go from here.

Good luck!
chrome covers

Thanks rusty, British custom said that it is a Triumph part but who knows its most likely is a after market part because it doesn't fit right . I could make it fit by makeing a braket I might need to do that because I phoned british custom and they said to send them a picture and I did and I phoned them twice and they have don't phoned me back like they say they would. When you got your chrome covers does it sit flush with the bottom chrome cover so you don't see any of the black?
Whould you beable to send me a close up picture of yours so I can send it to them so they could see the difference of how mine looks? If you can that would be great. Thanks
My one, only and never to be repeated dealing with British Customs was a bad experience:mad:. I made the unfortunate mistake of buying my Tuneboy from them. They are quick to take your money and make excuses:eek: but slow in delivering what was promised. Never again!!!:cool:

A month or so ago I ordered a Tuneboy from British Customs, I like doing the work on my own bikes. After receiving the Tuneboy I was able to get my bikes ECU # and then email the number back to British Customs so I could get the tune/edit key which allows the Tuneboy to work with the bike. That Friday, when I got home from work I discovered that they still had not emailed me the key number. So I call their shop and talk to a woman who said they are out of tune/edit keys and they need to buy some more. The lady assures me that she will call me back the next morning with the key number. Guess what, no call and when I called Saturday they didn’t answer the phone. Now I’m pissed. I can’t stand it when someone I have already paid $420.00 to, doesn’t keep up their end of the bargain and supply what has been bought. The following Monday I call their shop again. I speak with a guy and tell him how many times I contacted them wanting to get my key. I explain that I talked to a women from their shop on Friday and that she didn’t bother to call me back. He tells me that she needs to get fired and then puts her on the line. She explains that she just forgot to call me back on Saturday and they still haven’t got any tune/edit keys yet but they will definitely call me back later that day with the key number. Well guess what no call and no key. I finally received the key 5 days after sending them the ECU serial number.

This is the last time I will ever do business with this outfit again. I typically spend between $3-4 thousand on a new bike for accessories and this place wont see another dime of my money. I just recently bought my 07 Rocket III and I probably would have spent quite a lot at British Customs, as they are located in California and saves me the sales tax, but after this first taste of their customer service, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.
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Sorry Cane C, you must have misunderstood my statements, or, I did not offer up enough detail about what I was trying to convey to you. What I did was to buy another set of covers from a captain who had them up for auction on Ebay. My statement was this, I purchased another set of side covers, which were "Triumph" fabricated parts, and they fit right on. I was pretty much refering to the fact that "after market" parts must not go through quality control to assure the dimensions between the mounting holes are correct, or at least close enough to fit.

Sorry to have done a poor job of explaining my experience Cane C.

Good luck with your covers.
British Customs

Wow azcci that's to bad what happen to you I don't know how British Customs can stay in business if this is how they treat there customers.This was my seconed order from them because the first time they charged me $15.00 to much so they asked me if there is anything else I want and there take it off that item so that's why I ordered my chrome covers and they took my money and when they didn't show up when he said they where I phone and he said sorry they forgot to ship it. And when it didn't show up again I phoned back and they said it was out of stock they made a mistake. And know I get it and the tabes on the chrome doesn't line up with the screws and know they don't want to talk to me:( I will never buy anything from them again thats for sure. Enjoy your Rocket I love mine:)
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Rusty, I think I explained my self bad not you . I do understand that you purchased another set that fit perfect. What I was trying to ask if it is possible to post a close up picture of how they look . So I could show British Custom how they should look compared to mine and hopfully they could see the difference and send me another set . But hearing how they treated azcci when his item was a lot more money I some how doubt that there going to do anything for me so I might need to make this work some how:(
Hey Cane C., I can do that for you. I'll get some close-ups of the attachments points on the covers. Would you like both sides? Do you simply want me to post them here or just drop them in my album?

Let me know & I'll get on it after church this morning.

See ya.