Rockets Across America!!!!


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
Here is the idea....

We have two Brave Rocket Captains, Ugarte and Vonbonds, who have decided to meet somewhere in the middle of the USA for an adult beverage. This "middle ground" was close enough to Kansas City that it was decided that we should have one of our famous "Board Meetings" with our two intrepid travelers as honored guests.....

Here is the very preliminary plans so far:

Ugarte leaves the west coast and rides into KC on Saturday, Sept.23rd.

Vonbonds leaves the east coast, and with a little shorter distance and some iron butt action may get into KC on Friday, Sept 22nd, and for sure by the 23rd.

The board meeting will be at our regular BBQ hangout in Sedalia on Sunday, Sept. 24th.

If anyone else wants to hook up with these guys and join in, this will be the official thread to make plans.

I would think we would have a pretty good turnout for the board meeting... at least the regulars... maybe even Patrick??

There is a weird side note.... this very same weekend the Harley factory in Kansas City will be hosting the National V Rod Rally. Hmmmmm...:eek:

Let's have some ideas......
vonbonds said:
Did you guys notice there was a tornado touch down in Colby, KS a few days ago? I am glad that isn't our meeting point now

Yeah, and cutting off 350 miles x 2 from your trip helps too...;)

I don't expect t-storms in late September, or any nasty, trip delaying kinda weather.

I hope to make this a 5 day trip, cuz I don't have that much vacation time to take off. That means an iron butt to Cheyenne Wyoming, then another 700 to KC the next day....which would also give me the iron butt 1500 too....then a day off sunday to hang with the KC boys...then back to sacto in two 850 mile days.

I gotta be nuts to do this, but I love long distance is heaven for me, and the west has such incredible wide open big-sky views to take in.

Never been to Wyoming or Nebraska, and it looks like I will cut the corner of Ioway too...three new states to add to my collection.

This should be fun...looking forward to the ride and meeting all the KC boys.....and Vonbonds fellow LD freak!
I have to admit I do feel guilty with you having to go quite a bit farther than me. I do love LD riding as well which makes it a shame Colby couldn't be a bit more of a draw.

I am really looking forward to this event though...bring on the food and beer :D