Ridge Runner Shoots Coco


Mar 8, 2006
Body:West Central Missouri, Mind: Yes I are.
Our first cat after moving to Missouri was Coco. We've had her 11+ years now and just weren't ready to part ways. Some Ridge Runner with a very tight gene pool must have shot her for kicks. Took her three days to get home and she was in awful shape. Ticks, bug bites, mites, and an infection from her injury set in. Our Vet said the front leg was shattered in pieces with metal bullet bits mixed in. She has seen damage like this before and believes it was from a small caliber hollow point. Right or wrong, I wasn't ready to let her go so we got her fixed up. It's been two weeks now and she is up and around. We hope this will keep Coco from wandering off to parts unknown.

My neighbors and I have no leads on the shooter and it's probably better for him I don't.....
Good job.... That just sucks.... When you find out who did it give me a call :mad::mad::mad:

On the positive side... I have a large ash tree out in front of my house and an owl moved into it. He is big, he is loud, he is probably a she, and I haven't seen any squirrels lately. I think there are chicks... owlets? I might get a pic... it only seems to be around at night..
Weapons I got.....

We have Flemming park less than a half mile from my house, I'm sure the owl came from there... its big enough it can go where it wants to...

Flemming park is a huge natural preserve with two lakes.. 1000's of whitetail, and lots of other critters. I think its getting too crowded in there for some of them. You see wild turkey, foxes, wood chucks, badgers, zillions of ducks and geese, buzzards, eagles, cranes, of course owls... its a neat place if you like to watch wildlife...
Coco thanks you for the kind words.....

I'm worried though cuz she's not eating much and sleeps WAY more than usual. Her ears and nose are still cold so I guess she's OK but it's still got me concerned. If she doesn't snap out of it in a day or so, I'll have to take her to the Vet again.....cha ching!!
Coco update

Coco resumed her position as alpha cat and seems to be back to normal. She even tried to scale one of the wrought iron awning posts to get on the roof,.....a favorite spot of her's,....but gave up after a 4 foot climb attempt. I think she will make it some day though. Appetite is back to normal too!:)